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Re: Infinity is a COMPLETELY different game than Skylanders

PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:06 pm
by D-infinity13
Wow. I hope that guy knows I'm 11 and like the game, u can base one persons opinions on everyone. Pretty much every last word he said in that thing was an opinion. Just like every other un-disney infinity fan.

Re: Infinity is a COMPLETELY different game than Skylanders

PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:31 pm
by MechaSanta
Here's a fun thought:

Disney Infinity: Take away the toy box, and what do you have? A rather boring platformer with a truckload of characters to play with, that doesn't really do anything different from each other. Violet turns invisible, Mr Incredible punches really hard and Mrs Incredible stretches her limbs, but other than that, they are all the same. All charactes level up to 15, but what's the point? They don't really get new powers or abilities, and don't get much stronger.

Skylanders: No toy box, but a much better platformer. Each character are very different from each other, and they all not only get a lot of skills and abilities, but their skill tree branches out in two directions, forcing you to pick just one direction to build your character. Not only that, but they originally only leveled up to vl 10, yet they still have a lot more skills and abilities than anyone in Infinity. They added five levels in Giants, but that's just extra stat points.

So all in all, Infinity would have been a terrible game if it wasn't for the toy box. Now imagine Skylanders *with* a toy box... But either way, it's all very simple:

Do you want the toy box? Go with Infinity.
Do you want a great platformer? Go with Skylanders.
Do you want both? Awesome, so do I. :D

In the end, think of it like Grand Theft Auto vs Saint's Row. The first Saint's Row was a copy of GTA: San Andreas in most ways. But after that, GTA has gone down the more serious route, while Saint's Row... well, in Saint's Row 4, so far I've become the president of the US, beat up some aliens, got stuck in a Matrix-world, blasted aliens with my dubstep-gun and have superpowers. Hehe. Disney Infinity and Skylanders might look a lot the same on paper, but they are two entirely different games.

Re: Infinity is a COMPLETELY different game than Skylanders

PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:32 am
by Tel Prydain
Star Command wrote:^
LOL so true! Disney Infinity is getting things done right the first time around. It took Skylanders two games before the characters were allowed to jump. Pathetic.

Skylanders just had a better handle on their target market - Having seen several younger children die again, and again, and again in the Pirates pack, I think maybe Skylanders had it right.

jimjimmyjones85 wrote:The field of possibilities is endless with the Disney universe.
They took the basic premise from Skylanders... there is no denying that. Figures on a base.
But that is where it ends and Infinity breaks grounds !

“Toys on a base” existed long before Skylanders.
Ironically, the thing that Skylanders does do is something Infinity didn’t copy – Skylanders store skill choices, stats, quests and items onto the toy. Infinity characters don’t have store skill choices, stats, quests or items, instead they are basically just keys to unlock content on the disk.

Re: Infinity is a COMPLETELY different game than Skylanders

PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:20 am
by TOlofter
I never thought I'd think this way once this came out considering how "obsessed" with Disney I am, but I have to go with Skylanders as the better game. Toy box or no toy box. Skylanders has nothing to worry about. At least not any time soon.

I still like Infinity but it is a let down for me. I even sold my Skylanders collection thinking this game would take me over. I regret that now. But at least I broke even. I will get Skylanders again. But I will keep Infinity still and enjoy it. Hopefully there are many more great things to come for it. The reason why Skylanders wins out for me is:

1- more variety of completely DIFFERENT playable characters/figures
2- leveling up matters and changes your characters as you do so
3- many different attacks & paths to take which makes each and every character unique, adding more desirability for collecting each figure to progress your game

Those are my top 3 reasons for giving the nod to Skylanders. Hopefully this is only the beginning though and Disney Infinity has a LOT more to come and showcase. I have my doubts, but hopefully any I have are proven wrong. Disney has a long way still to go I think before they become a retail threat to Skylanders.

Re: Infinity is a COMPLETELY different game than Skylanders

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:04 am
by D-infinity13
I will admit, DI when it comes to leveling up should give you more than just a spin. Thought I still think DI is better, the playsets are fun, toy box is great, and all-around great game. And DI seems to be becoming a threat to skylanders slowly, more and more DI items in stores where I live are becoming sold out.

Skylanders or Infinity? Whats better?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:35 am
by Sorcerer Abe
There have been a few people expressing concern about Disney Infinity. Things like they don't want to keep spending money if all play sets are always similar and repetitive. Not everyone is crazy about toy box either, and that being a big aspect of the game, it leaves some peeps less interested in the game. Some people are questioning whether to stop playing the game in general.

I am really not familiar with Skylanders. I never played the game at all, but I have seen some of their figures. Is gameplay in Skylanders similar? Whats are major key differences between both of these games? What about the figures? What are your thoughts between the two?

I am not one of the peeps less interested in DI, but I am wondering if Skylanders have left expectations for people jumping into this game. Overall, whats the better game?

Thanks all for answering my questions and satisfing my curiosity! :D :D :D

Re: Skylanders or Infinity? Whats better?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:08 am
by DragoMan555
I think DI is better, by a long shot.

Re: Infinity is a COMPLETELY different game than Skylanders

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:18 am
by Jazz820
^ My stores around me have been pushing the Skylanders section back and making it smaller while the DI section continues to expand and grow and leave barely any space for skylanders. Now I have both games, I love both games, gameplay I Like both either way but figures wise DI is better. I love the toy box feature in DI. My only complaint with Skylanders is after you do the story (which is very short) you have nothing to do but repeat levels for year until the next game comes out, ya you can new skylanders and do their heroic challenges but those get boring after a while and dot give you a well worth reward at times. Now this is MY OPINION, so don't go bagging on anything I say, I got infinity when it came out I got giants when it came out and I got spyros adventure for Christmas that year it came out, swap force I'm going to ask for Christmas as I don't have the money for it at this moment cuz I bought Infinity recently, but I'm very excited for swap force and feel very happy with infinity. All in all both great games but both entirely different games.

Re: Skylanders or Infinity? Whats better?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:24 am
by Jazz820
I think DI is better, alot more to do and doesn't get boring fast