Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby The Disney Dork » Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:46 pm

So just because one video game got cancelled, you guys are going to hold a grudge against Disney as a whole? All the movies, shows, games, parks, merchandise, memories, everything...just because of one video game? I'm sorry but honestly, how could you really call yourself a Disney fan if you're gonna be like that?

Things get cancelled all the time. There are so many lost scrapped or cancelled things in Disney's history, and this is just another one. I'd understand people getting this upset about it if Disney Infinity was a huge thing with a giant following...but honestly, outside of this forum and some fan sites, this game wasn't like, 'mainstream' popular. And I understand that it doesn't have to be, and that it means a lot to a lot of people, but I think there's gonna have to be a point where you realize that this was just a video game.

And to swear off and be angry at Disney as a whole, just because of a video game...well, it just seems kind of childish. This is not targeted at anyone in particular, just in general based on the reactions I've been seeing from people.
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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby ImGonnaWreckIt » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:18 pm

^^^ we all have our own opinions. I respect yours. But you have to respect others as well. There is no right or wrong. It's just what people think.
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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby Paradox » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:55 pm

Same here, we all have our reasons and opinions. I stated I'd still go, but once a year, not twice anymore. I also mentioned it wasn't just DI getting cancelled that led us to this decision. So, like wreckit said, we all have opinions and reasons, you've got yours and we have ours, nothing wrong with that.
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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby rogpalmeruk » Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:04 pm

I think its very easy with Disney fans to defend the "mouse" over all their decisions, some people don't like hearing anything bad against the company because its put in a different category because of history and attachment... however I understand the frustration, Disney do make bad decisions a lot... before Disney Infinity went south, they totally messed up a Disney collectible "Vinylmation", it was super popular but they drove it into the ground, it spent thousands on these little collectibles and now most of them are worthless (thankfully i cleared out hundreds before (paying for a couple of quick trips to DLP :-) ) In the past few years, with Vinylmation/Infinity, I'll be honest, I'm not feeling getting into other collectibles as much, i'm gonna pick up things i like, but not going all in on anything... There has been lots of cost cutting across the parks (with Shanghai being the main reason given due to budgets)... I wouldn't not go on vacation because I was against Disney, but maybe have more time at universal/bush/sea world/visiting other areas might be a better option..... Disney make a lot of stuff that doesn't appeal to me, i can't just like something because its got the disney logo on it, certain characters etc don't appeal... I didn't think Zootopia was "amazing", and alice through the looking glass was pretty dull... but I loved Civil War :-) As far as gaming goes, bar playing the finding dory playset, I just haven't been interesting in playing infinity, there is tons of other stuff that i wanted to play instead, catching up with other titles i didn't play (especially those released in the past few years that i didn't have time to play due to "toy box" building :-) ... playing through Kingdom Hearts, Duck Tales (just started castle of illusion as it was in the steam sale)...getting into many other games... looking forward to force awakens LEGO... i have ordered a dimensions starter pack on ebay as i'd like to play the main story and a few things appeal (I'm not going all in.. don't want a load of stuff i'm not into (powerpuff girls, Ninjago, Goonies, ghostbusters (new one)).... i get we put a lot of money into the game, but nothing lasts forever... i can't help but think had they never announced "NEXT" and battlegrounds had been the last and we never heard anything until the big axe and nothing more was planned, it wouldn't feel as bad.... we got screwed over because the budgets weren't right.... but as far as vacations, we aren't going to any parks this year... we've been trying to do a visit a year (WDW or DLP) and we felt we overdid it a little bit and wanna leave it a little before going back...
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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby Dedede_Man » Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:36 pm

@The Disney Dork
I doubt that many people are behaving the way they are SOLELY because of Disney Infinity, it's just that, for many of us, Disney Infinity's abrupt cancellation was the final straw. They've done plenty in recent years that seems to show them as having a bigger focus on money; a lot of the stuff that people love about Disney is coming from subgroups within the company; it's just too big to say "Disney made that" anymore. Considering they own Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, ABC, ESPN and more, it's at a point where you really have to acknowledge each one as being an individual.

The reason that people aim their ire and anger towards Disney is because they decide what stays and what goes; they mostly leave everyone to do their own thing, but if the money isn't looking promising, it gets the axe.

Take Wander Over Yonder, for example; the show was doing reasonably well when it was in its second season. Everyone involved enjoyed making and being part of the show, and the writers had several plans for season 3. Disney, however, cancelled the show. Was it because the show wasn't making money? Was it because the show was being received poorly? Was it because the people involved just weren't interested? No, it was because "The show does better in reruns, 80 episodes is enough". That, to me, screams that they're only focused on the money.

And yes, Infinity is another example; yes, there were several problems, like over-production and whatnot. But rather than saying to the people involved "You're only allowed to do this" or "You can't do that", they just gave it the axe completely, cancelling all of the upcoming content and proceeding to fire 300 people.

Disney have grown to the point where, for a lot of the content, the people in charge aren't really involved in the making of the content. They just approve what is allowed or what isn't. It just seems to be about money, now.

I, myself, am only taking on such a viewpoint because both Wander Over Yonder and Disney Infinity were very dear to me. It was a harder hit for me than most of the other stuff that people have problems with, and both being so close to each other was just too much. I'm not swearing off of their content, nor am I going to boycott the company, but they've changed, and I'm just not going to make as much of an effort to support them.
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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby Tilarta » Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:51 am

From what I've been reading on this topic, the American Disneylands didn't have any involvement in this decision.
But Shanghai Disneyland definitely did, since one of the two reasons stated for redistributing the finanical assets was the poor return/expense of constructing that theme park.
The other subdivision to hold responsible is DisneyTV, who were in the same position.

Therefore, a Disney Infinity boycott should target those departments, as they are the ones who indirectly caused the game to be shut down.

On a more general note however, if you were serious about protesting, you'd have to give up everything Disney related that funds the corporation.
Movies, iTunes purchases, dvds, theme park trips and whatever else they do that generates income for them.

For me personally, I'm still buying episodes of Lab Rats and Mighty Med.
I also have an eye to purchase Elite Force (Lab Rats and Mighty Med spinoff/merger show) when it becomes available.
And I still enjoy Pixar movies when they come out.
As stated above, I don't want to stop watching those productions simply because Disney made unethical choices.

But for dedicated Infiniteers, there will definitely be social backlash.
Everytime you mention Disney Corporation to an member of this fanbase, either in person or over the internet, they will say exactly why they are angry with the company.
Bad Publicity in itself, even if they don't acknowledge it, will still hurt them in the long run.

I have been wondering though, where the money from the latest batch purchases is going, the Finding Dory playset/figures and the Wonderland figures.
Are they just being redistrubuted as well?
It would be ironic if the announcement about the pending termination of the game caused sales to skyrocket because everyone, their dog, cat and fish is buying up all the figures.
I'm uncertain if such a monetary influx would cause them to re-evaluate the termination of the game, but it might.
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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby PerryTheMonkey » Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:11 am

I think that if the last releases sell super good that they would still not reconsider the cancellation. From my understanding, they had sudden layoffs of everybody. If they had a team of 100, I would guess that 50 of them may have new jobs in place by now. Of those 50 left, 25 of them may not want to return as they may be too angry and untrusting of their former employer to work for them. Now if they have 25 people to recall, odds are that you may count 5 of them as people that may be on a list of people they would not want to bring back. So not you are down to 20 people out of the original 100, and that may be a generous percentage of those that they may be able to bring back. Now those 20% they brought back are not from certain areas in particular of the team. They may be all from promotions, leaving nobody to design or program new components, or they may have a good even distribution of all the areas of the team to work with.
To summarize, if they would resume development again, the damage has already been done, and they may have to start all over as there is no guarantee that the would have enough fluidity in their team to just jump right back in where they left off.

As for my Disney boycott, I am boycotting the Disney Parks. This has nothing to do with Infinity. It is all because the prices to get in are ridiculous. I think it is at least $100 for one person to get in, meaning my family of four would have to pay over $400, and that is without any parking, hotels or food. I can go to park less than an hour from my house for less than $100 for my whole family, and they have top ten coasters.
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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby Sherrif Ben » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:24 am

Can someone explain me this to me.
I was looking on the official Disney Infinity facebookpage and i saw that they recently changed the cover picture.
We know that Disney Infinity is stopped by Disney.
My question is why do they change it? It's looks for me useless to do that.
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Re: Disney Infinity is Ceasing Operations in June

Postby GuyCC75 » Sat Jul 02, 2016 4:49 am

I noticed that as well with the cover photo. Why would they do that?

It's just salt in the wound at this point.

I won't boycott Disney (just went to Downtown Disney last weekend), but I will admit that the DI cancellation really took some of the wind out of my sails. I haven't mourned the end of a game like this in a while.
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