Foosa's Infinity World (Updated 12/29/13 All US characters)

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Re: Foosa's Infinity World (Updated 12/29/13 All US characte

Postby BionicKoalaBoy » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:33 am


Yeah i'm seeing this as an opportunity to complete my collection, rather than sell up ( for a pittance ), jump ship, and forget the game ever existed as many are.

Even if people do stop playing DI because there are no new play-sets or figures, we still have an awesome collection of figurines to collect and display. Sharing toybox creations is not all DI is about, and far too many people have dumped the game for the far more expensive and less fun Lego Dimensions.

DI was and IS the best toys to life game, and I am about to play 3.0 right now. So there ;)
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