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reference guides detailing the actions, parameters and properties of Disney Infinity creativi-toys
when posting please show examples of how each is used and how they are linked. more than just a description of the toy is needed. ideally show a video.

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Postby jkhouw1 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:32 am

Creativi-Toys are powerful toys that can perform actions a wide variety of actions. Many have properties that set the general behavior of the toy, and have inputs and outputs as described below.

We have attempted to standardize the documentation of these toys here as follows:

Description - A brief synopsis of what the toy does.

Properties: - These are the properties that setup the toy. An example of a property is the "Target Time" of a Timer. Properties are not connected to other toys but define the behavior of the current toy.

Outputs Outputs are the events that the toy 'fire'. So when you create a new logic connection originating from the toy, these are the options you will see. An example of this with the Timer is "Timer Expired". When the time expires, the event will occur and if you made a logic connection from this Output to another toy's Input, it will trigger the connected toy. Generally speaking, the only information that is passed is the fact that the event occurred (exceptions to this are things like Triggering Actor/Player etc that might get passed from a trigger area - but you can't access the information, only the connected toy can).

Inputs Inputs are the functions a toy can do when it receives a message from another toy's Output and are what you see when you select the toy as the second or target toy in a logic connection

Examples use the following syntax:
a colon ":" indicates the property, input, output, or sub-option for the object on the left of the colon.
Code: Select all
Trigger Area:Entered:Player:Any 
   select the Trigger area with your wand,
   press the gear button appropriate for your console,
       (in this case you will need to select New Logic Connection here)
   select Entered (an OUTPUT of the trigger area),
   select Player (a sub-option of Entered),
   select Any (a sub-option of Player)

Property assignments are indicated with "=="

Code: Select all
Text Creator:Text 1 == "Hello World"
   select the Text Creator with your wand,
   press the gear button appropriate for your console,
     (in this case you will need to select Properties here)
   select Text 1
   change the value to "Hello World"

Input/Ouput Logic Connections Logic connections are shown with the toy that initially triggers the event on the left of the "==>" and the toy that will perform an action as a result of this event on the right of the "==>"
The example below shows how to make a trigger area (the originating toy) from its OUTPUT have a Party Cannon shoot Fireworks (its INPUT)
Code: Select all
Trigger Area:Entered:Player:Any ==> Party Cannon:Fireworks
   select the Trigger area first (because its on the left of the ==>) with your wand
   press the gear button appropriate for your console
   select New Logic Connection (the ==> implies that you are creating a new logic connection)
   select Entered, then select Player, Then select Any
        at this point the menus will disappear and you are  to select the target Creativi-Toy
   select the Party Cannon with your wand and press the gear button appropriate for your console
   select Fireworks
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