Action Enforcer

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Action Enforcer

Postby jkhouw1 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:45 am

Action Enforcer
Description - The Action Enforcer a player or character to perform an action. While can be used on Players, Townspeople, Sidekicks, Critters, and Characters, not all actions will behave the same on the various object types. For example, if the action is "Web", where the target is supposed to be momentarily stuck in a web, Players & Characters will get webbed, but the others will only momentarily freeze with no web animation.


When Message Recieved This is the action the target will perform. Actions are: Celebrate, Lament, Trip, Bloat, Freeze, Knock Back, Web, Shock, Float

Action Attempted This will send a trigger when the Action Enforcer attempts to enforce an action.

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