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Toy Box Game Maker

Postby semerien » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:27 pm

Toy Box Game Maker

Description - Use the Toy Box Game Maker to save your current Toy Box as a Toy Box Game. You can also set the rules of the Magic Wand, camera controls and other features using this toy.

Editor Mode - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable the player from going into editor mode during this toybox game.
Magic Wand - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable the player from using the wand during this toybox game.
Logic Editing - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable the player from changing logic connections during this toybox game.
Toy Customizing - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable the player from customizing terrains, etc. during this toybox game.
Toy Moving - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable the player from moving toys during this toybox game.
Toy Deleting - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable the player from deleting toys during this toybox game.
Custom Camera Canceling - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable the player from being able to cancel camera viewports during this toybox game.
Hexagonal Power Discs - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable players from being able to use hex power discs during this toybox game.
Editor Filters - (on/off) This setting will disable/enable players from using the editor filters during this toybox game.
Enemy Difficulty - (Player's Setting/Easy/Hard/Medium/Extreme) - This setting will control enemy difficulty. It set to Player Setting then whatever difficulty the player has set locally will take control. Enemy Difficulty can be forced onto the player by using the other settings.

Start Test Mode - *Note - This is incredibly dangerous.* Start Test Mode will make the Toy Box Game Maker act like this toy box is now a toy box game. Depending on your settings in properties, this may instantly lock you out of your box, with no way to save or edit your toy box.
End Test Mode - This will end the test mode of Toy Box Game Maker. Always make an easily accesible connection to End Test Mode, before you attempt to use the Start Test Mode option.

World Started - This will send a trigger when the toybox game is first started.

To properly use this toy, simply place it in your Toy Box. Do not change any properties (the toy defaults to a complete lockdown of your Toy Box).
Go into the Main Menu and select save. Scroll over in the save screen so the top option no longer reads Toy Box but instead reads Toy Box Games. Save your toy box here.
When you load the game as a toy box game, it will be locked down to prevent editing and whatever other options you have selected.
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Re: Toy Box Game Maker

Postby jkhouw1 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:47 am

In case anyone was wondering, if you place more than one of these on a single level, adjusting a property on one will adjust the property on all of them. So you can't use three for example to have a easy,medium, hard setting controlled by switches activating a corresponding TGM. :cry:
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Re: Toy Box Game Maker

Postby Elmseeker » Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:31 pm

In toyboxes where you have multiple boxes connected via toybox doors do you need one of these in each box or just the main one?
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Re: Toy Box Game Maker

Postby JCat » Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:04 am

^In 2.0, it appeared you needed one for each ToyBox level. I had all options turned off so the player couldn't have access to the editor but when going through a connected door to a new toybox, the editor became available again. That's when I realized I had to have a Game Maker on the new level as well. I'm assuming it's the same for 3.0
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Re: Toy Box Game Maker

Postby BlackWidow » Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:12 am

I've had a big problem with the multiple-toy-box use in 3.0. I really hope this toy gets a redesign for 4.0 to do what we really need it to do (lock down whatever level it's enabled on, period - no more of this "toy box" vs. "toy box game" saves stuff - too confusing).

Anyway, in 2.0 you could make it work reliably by having the "test mode" enabled on a Game Maker on each level. The best way to do it I found was to have it triggered by a Satellite on each level.

You can still do this in 3.0, but there is this awful bug where the Game Maker will suddenly default to "NOT ALLOW" every character type so no one can play that level. I've been able to "break" out of it and checking the toy piece itself sure enough all the options that default to ALLOW default to NOT ALLOW. The toy piece physically changes.

It's totally unpredictable. Enough so that I just don't trust using it, so it's really unfortunate but there doesn't seem to be a way to lock down a multiple level toy box for 3.0, even in the "jury rigged" way we could before.
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