Loot Drop Manager

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Loot Drop Manager

Postby jkhouw1 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:04 pm

Loot Drop Manager

Description The Loot Drop Manager is used to set the type of objects that are left behind after an Enemy is defeated. Optional loot includes things like currency, sidekick loot, a few select enemies (but not all are available), collectibles, a few packs and tools (but not all are available) The Loot Drop Manager must be activated before it takes effect. It is often used in conjunction with the Storefront and Money Manger if the loot type is set to currency.

Auto-Collect Values On/Off. When set to ON the loot dropped will be automatically collected by the player. When off, the player will need to collect the object(s) manually.

Edit Loot Pools There are up to 5 loot pools that can be configured.
Loot Pool 1
*Enemies Assign the enemies that will drop loot that is configured in Loot Pool 1. Multiple Enemy types can be assigned to each Loot pool
*Loot Assign the loot that will be dropped by the Enemies that are in Loot Pool 1. Multiple Loot types can be dropped from each defeated Enemy in a Loot Pool - I believe it randomly selects ONE of the assigned loot types.
Loot Pool 2-5 See Loot Pool 1

Activate - Activates the Loot Drop Manager. While it is active, enemies configured to drop loot will drop loot when they are defeated
Deactivate - Deactivates the Loot Drop Manager. Enemies will not drop loot when this is deactivated.

Activated - Event Fires when the loot drop manager is activated
Deactivated - Event Fires when the loot drop manager is deactivated

Have the small frost giants drop a health pack when they are defeated. In this example I'm using a button to activate the loot drop manager, but normally you would use a trigger area, level starter, or some other triggering event that is not player controlled.

Place a Loot Drop Manager, Button, Small Frost Giant
Loot Drop Manager:Edit Loot Pools:Loot Pool 1:Enemies --- Click the Plus sign and select a Small Frost Giant
Loot Drop Manager:Edit Loot Pools:Loot Pool 1:Loot --- Click the Plus sign and select a Health Capsule
Button:Pressed ==> Loot Drop Manager:Activate

Now press the button to activate the Loot Drop Manager
when you defeat the Small Frost Giant, a Health Capsule will appear where he was defeated.
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Re: Loot Drop Manager

Postby pjhaan » Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:30 am

The Disney Infinity You Tube Channel has a tutorial on setting up an Economy in a level.

Here are the Creativitoys this tutorial covers and their respective start times in the video:
  1. Money Manager at 2:30
  2. Loot Drop Manager at 3:15
  3. Store Front at 6:10
  4. Inventory Manager at 7: 55
  5. Packs and Tools Manager at 9:20

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Re: Loot Drop Manager

Postby kc2dpt » Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:47 pm

I cannot see a purpose to the "pickups" as a loot drop. They do not go into your inventory, they do not get counted as currency, nor (and this is the most surprising) are they noticed by the collectable tracker. Why are they there? Why would I set a defeated enemy to drop, for example, a blue dungeon pickup?
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