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Re: Packs and Tools Manager

Postby Vain Melody » Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:38 pm

Dexter26 wrote: " ... Is there any way to have power disc tools and packs generated through a chest or object generator?"

If there is a way, I do not know it. I cannot get object generators to generate power disc tools/packs. I cannot get the tool/pack manager to do so either.

However, I can get vehicle generators to generate vehicles/mounts from power discs - they appear in the selection menu. For example, I created a Brave themed toy box where the player gets to use Merida's horse, Angus. Angus is generated in the game, so the player has no need to use or even own the Angus power disc for them to play Angus in my toy box.

I REALLY, REALLY wish I could do the same with power disc tools/packs. Imagine how cool it would be to create a quest where the player finds Dr. Strange's cloak of levitation, or the Ghost Rider whip? Or the ultimate weapon: the Kitten Mittens. (Those crack me up every time I see them)
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