Radar Marker

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Radar Marker

Postby semerien » Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:14 pm

Radar Marker

Description – This tool can be used to mark important areas/AI/players so that they can be seen on the radar or have distinguishing marks above them on the screen.

New Actor Connection – Use this option to attach AI to this tool

New Locator Connection – Use this option to attach a locator(s) to this tool


Beacon Type (Blue or Yellow (?, !, ring, arrow)) – This is the type of symbol that will be displayed over this tools target(s).
Beacon Visibility (All, World Beacon Only, Radar Beacon Only) – This will set whether this beacon will be displayed on the radar or on the player’s screen, or on both.
Beacon Location (Triggering Player, All Players, Player (1,2,3,4) ,Connected Actor, This Toy, All Enemies, Locator) – This will set what this beacon will appear over.
Active (On, Off) – This will set whether this beacon is active or not
Display Beacon on All Enemies (On, Off) – Setting this option on will put this mark on all enemies in the toy box.


Activated – Sends a signal when this tool is activated.
Deactivated – Sends a signal when this tool is deactivated.


Activate – Tell this tool to activate.
Deactivate – Tell this tool to deactivate.


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