Fictional franchises - Imitation over inovation?

Fictional franchises - Imitation over inovation?

Postby Tilarta » Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:12 am

I read a science fiction trilogy series called Deepwater.
It was fairly interesting in that it was an original concept.

So when I learned there was a short-lived tv series based on it, out of curiosity I decided to watch it.
About three episodes in, it looked like most of the story elements from the novel had been ignored to make the show into a Star Trek clone.

So after this happened, I started to think about all the franchises I'd seen that employed a similar principle, one person makes a highly successful original work, then multiple imitations come out.
Probably because somebody has decided they "want their share of the revenue pie" or a "seat on the money train".
It's very common in books I have noticed, more so then any other entertainment medium.

By the way, I knew the series wasn't going to go well the instant I saw who they cast to play Yoona, considering that she has no physical resemblance to the novel version.
In the novel, Yoona is tall and blonde, casting someone short and dark was the first sign they weren't getting it right.
FYI, that was actually a plot point in the novel, Yoona's height is a hint she's been genetically augmented for superior physical strength.
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