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Transformers Fanfic

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Hi everyone... i am currently writing a Transformers Fanfic so.. if you are interested in reading it, go ahead.
(Content will be updated)

Spoiler: show
Transformers- "till all are one"
Episode 1- Operation-roll out; part one
Zooms in on a orange shuttle floating idly throgh space.
Inside the shuttle, 4 robots are gathered, talking.
Jetfire, the Autobot's only air force and a top scientist, Jazz, a highly skilled Autobot warrior, Ironhide, the weapons specialist, and Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots.
Jetfire- "Without a new source of energy, Cyberton is done for."
Jazz- "Yeah man... but even if we find one.. the Decepticons are gonna find it too, and they ain't just gonna let us have it."
Ironhide- "Decepticons? we sent thier leader into the scrapheap years ago! whats left of 'em is a couple of glitch heads running around the space sector! right Optimus?"
Optimus- "While you are right Ironhide, the Decepticons are still out there... and as long as they exist.. the are still a threat."
Ironhide- "a threat without a leader..."
Optimus- "You fail to see what i am saying-"
Mirage- "Optimus!"
Mirage, a tall and scrawny Autobot runs into the room.
Optimus- "what is it Mirage?"
Mirage- "Wheeljack and Ratchet need you in the computer bay Prime."
Optimus- "very well."
Optimus Prime walks into the computer bay and sees Wheeljack and Ratchet. Wheeljack, an average sized Autobot who has a knack for inventing weapons, and Ratchet, the medical officer who repairs him after his invention explodes (which happens regularly)
Ratchet- "Optimus! thank the Allspark. Tellatran 1 has picked up a sign of a extremely large energy source!"
Wheeljack- "but here's the bad news... we've also found a Decepticon shuttle.. a big one!"
Optimus- "Proceed to the source, but first scan the ship for life signals."
Wheeljack- "alright! here we go.. Hmm... 9 signals and one other.. but extremely faint. Coming up as...... Megatron!?"
Optimus- (quietly to himself) "Megatron..... lives?"
Scene 2
Inside Decepticon shuttle, 6 Decepticons are gathered in the cockpit (large). Starscream, the Decepticon air commander, a very sly character, Skywarp, a seeker who has a special ability to teleport... but is too dumb to know when or when not to, Rumble, a sleek blue short Decepticon with an attitude, Thundercracker, another seeker who questions the Decepticon cause, Blitzwing 1 of the triple changers, mostly calm, but can be very hostile and dangerous, and Astrotrain, the other triple changer who is always in the mood to fight.
Thundercracker- "what are we doing anyway?? were in some spark-forsaken sector, with no leader, and desperately low on energy!! agg!"
Starsceam blasts him in the back and he falls to the ground (not dead)
Starcream- "ENOUGH!!! I, Starscream am the leader of the Decepticons!"
Rumble- "pff! some leader you turned out to be! the only thing you suceeded in was putting us in a worse state than before!"
Astrotrain- "yes Starscream. and Megatron WILL rise again!"
Blitzwing- "What makes you so sure?"
Starscream- "SILENCE!!!!"
an aurgument builds up among the Decepticons, and then a tall, slender, and purple Decepticon walks into the room, Shockwave, the head of Decepticon intelligence.
Shockwave- "My fellow Decepticons, Megatron still functions!"
All (except Starscream) cheer
Starscream- "oh.. yay..."
Starscream- "um Shockwave.. would it be alright if I accompanied you to the medical bay to.. um see our GLORIOUS leader?"
Shockwave- "I do not see a problem with that."
Starscream and Shockwave walk into the medical/computer bay, and see Soundwave, a short and stocky Decepticon who specializes in communications but is highly intelligent, and Megatron... whats left. What was once a giant fierce warrior is now worn down to his circuitry and skeletal frame, but can only survive in a coma-like state. Without Energon flowing into him, he will die. and Starscream knew so.
Starscream- "so this is whats left of our courageous leader.."
Soundwave- "Affirmative Starscream. It is vital that he is not disturbed."
Starscream- "Of course"
all of a sudden, the ship jerks and all 3 are sent stumbling to the floor. Startled, Shockwave calls up to the ship's control room.
Shockwave- "Skrapnel! What in the name of Unicron is happening up there?"
Skrapnel- (through comlink) "Autobot ship in range range.. commencing pursuit suit.."
Shockwave- "Negative! Disengage!"
Skrapnel- "Too late late.. Autopilot locked locked."
Shockwave- "Then send the Decepticons to attack"
Skrapnel- "very well well.."
Skywarp, Thundercracker, Rumble, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain board the loading dock and attach it to the Autobot shuttle.
CHANGE- Autobot shuttle
Optimus- "Set autopilot towards the planet!- Aggh!!"
Ratchet- "Were under attack!"
Wheeljack-"Jazz, Ironhide, Mirage, Trailbreaker, Grimlock, Jetfire, and Bumblebee! prepare for battle!!"
Optimus- "Set Autopilot to the source and join the Auotbots and I in battle."
Wheeljack- "Affirmative Prime!"
Wheeljack sets the autopilot and heads out the door to the shuttle bay.
Optimus- "Ratchet, join us in battle, we may need repairs."
Ratchet- "Very well Optimus."
The Autobots and Decepticons battle within the shuttle, Starscream orders Soundwave to battle, and then orders Shockwave to man the Tesla Cannon port on the side of the ship.
Shockwave- "But Starscream, you fail to see that our shuttle is low on energon and the Tesla cannon may completely drain what is left!"
Shockwave- "(sigh) As you command..."
Battle wages intenselly between the Autobots and Decepticons.. but Shockwave blasts the ships engine with the cannon and sends the ship plummeting towards the planet...Starscream seeing this rejoices. Shockwave walks into the room.
Shockwave- "You cannot celebrate now, because of your rash actions, we have lost our warriors!"
Starscream- "Me? You manned the cannon!"
Shockwave- "Under your orders."
The two argue for sometime, but then they realize the ship is also plummeting towards the planet because the energy used from the cannon drained the engines and the power died.
Ratchet- "Optimus! our engines were shot and our ship is headed towards the planet at dangerous speed!"
Rumble- "Were gonna crash! we'll be destroyed!"
Optimus does what he can but it is no use. the ship crashes down on the planet, the impact does indeed kill all the Autobots and Decepticons.
The date of the crash is the year 1938...
Shockwave and Starscream were a little more lucky, they had just enough power to steer the ship so that minimal damage will be caused, and to ensure survival, they placed themselves within the stasis pods. Their ship crasher down in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, and the Autobot ship crasher in the outskirt desserts in California.
To be continued.....
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