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this is a polite reminder that when you join these forums you agree to the rules ...

Site Rules Please Read

please read the rules again, or for the first time if you didn't actually bother to read them when you joined.

i have been needing to do a lot of tidying up of posts lately particularly in relation to people quoting previous posts unnecessarily and linking to images that are too large.

do not quote unnecessarily
Quoting another post when there is no reason to, such as when you are the next person answering to reply, fills the page for no reason. Do not do it.

do not link to large images
Images larger than 550x550 will be cropped in certain browsers and screen resolutions. If you need to link to external images they should not be larger than 550x550 pixels. External images larger than 550x550 pixels will be removed or edited.

as this post is being made as a global forums announcement everyone is expected to have read it. moving forward i will work on the basis that everyone has now read the rules and agreed to them.

if you you find that your posts or images have been deleted the rules will clearly explain why.

thank you for your co-operation.
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