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Re: toops' Disney Infinity Avatars & Fan Art

Postby CueLannoo » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:29 pm

Toops!!!! I need an avatar with Merlin as the owl riding Pegasus who is flying around Carl Fredrickson's Balloon house from UP!!! Just kidding man! Just wanted to say I enjoyed meeting you and hope you had a fun day yesterday. In all seriousness though I would love an avatar now that we have met and gone to the Expo. how about ole' Scrooge with my screen name and the Expo logo like Pirate's? In your spare time of course. I know you are as exhausted as I am!
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Re: toops' Disney Infinity Avatars & Fan Art

Postby spidermanfan99 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:09 pm

hey toops do you think you can make me an avatar with the same background i have and have spiderman, jack skellington, phineas, mickey and vanellope in it and can i have my name at the top in blue?
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Re: toops' Disney Infinity Avatars & Fan Art

Postby wreckitsugarsweet101 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:00 pm

hey can you do a sugar rush background and ralph ( stand ) and vallope ( in kart )
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Re: toops' Disney Infinity Avatars & Fan Art

Postby toops » Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:22 pm

Hey friends, it's been a great run here in my unintentional avatar mega-topic but i'm closing up shop, SO THAT I CAN MAKE A NEW ONE! just reorganizing the layout and method of requests to make everyone's life including mine a little easier. thanks for all your support and gratitude you guys are pretty cool ;)

oh and you last couple, don't worry, i'll still make yours they'll just be in the new topic! :)
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