I am really disappointed with Marvel Heroes

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I am really disappointed with Marvel Heroes

Postby Tilarta » Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:35 am

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Marvel Heroes is a PC based multiplayer game where you get to play as various characters from the Marvel Universe.

But because of an ongoing issue with my favourite character, I have really come to be disappointed by the game.
That character is War Machine.
He is an ally of Iron Man, using a variant of the Starktech armor designed for absolute destruction.

His game mechanic has been designed so that if you don't use a specific skill named Spitfire, his ranged combat shuts down until the weapons systems in the armor cool down.
Since I do not need this skill nor have the capacity to use it (the skillbar has limited space and I used all the slots for practical skills).

No matter how many times I have made suggestions for game variations to remove the heat generation mechanic, the suggestions are always treated with hostile reception.
My latest attempt was a compromise, a way to remove the heat generation optionally, so if you still wanted to use it, you could.

Since this suggests that War Machine is always going to be impossible to play properly and there are no indications he is ever going to be modified to allow a less restricted skillset, I have reluctantly made the decision to stop playing the game until such time as he is redesigned to meet my gameplay needs.
But since this is never going to happen, in all probability, it means I will never have a reason to return.

By the way, the heat generation mechanic is a complete fabrication of the game designers, no version of the War Machine armor has ever had problems with excessive heat generation.
To me, it looks like the designers were trying too hard to make an original game mechanic and stuffed him up into the process.

I apologize for the negative tone of this post, I don't normally like to make posts like this, but I felt the severity of the situation left me no recourse.
Plus, hopefully I can get some feedback from gamers who aren't obsessive haters.
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