Could i get an indef of how the "Pay it forward" thing works

Could i get an indef of how the "Pay it forward" thing works

Postby Portal2player56 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:25 am

(Sorry that there isn't a ? at the end of the subject.. i ran out of space in the subject line.) I have looked at the Pay it forward Thing on here for a while but Never fully Understood how it Works.. I read the guidelines of how it works but it is still a bit of a Puzzle to me. I have a few multiple of Powerdiscs i Do not need But Also Need several figures at the same time.. 9 1.0 figures to unlock the Lightsaber. 3 originals left to unlock that Secret room, and many marvel figures to unlock the Other Secret item but besides the point, I have no idea how this "Pay it forward" thing Fully Works to some point like for instance: The Shipping/Handeling fee thing or can u use postal Stamps to send something? i know you need 1 Stamp on an envelope to send it... But What if it is a bit bigger, like a small box or bigger box? would those need more stamps or just 1 stamp?
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Re: Could i get an indef of how the "Pay it forward" thing w

Postby Elmo STM » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:32 am

Its all at the person sending the items discretion. For example if you want to pay if forward with a couple of discs, its your choice whether you will pay for postage or if the person receiving will pay.

Its also up to you how you chose who will receive your items.

Not many figures have been up for pay it forward so you might have trouble getting them that way, you could start a trade thread where you would swap for the figures or ask to buy figures.
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