The State of the Forums and my Opinion

Re: The State of the Forums and my Opinion

Postby npgcole » Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:20 am

This is like exactly what I've wanted to say but never have. And I think this is what largely contributes to the forums here being less active than they used to be. It's a very negative atmosphere here nowadays, and people don't want to be a part of these discussions when they're all like "Disney doesn't listen, this is the stupidest decision they've ever made, what is wrong with them?" Would I like more classic characters? Heck yeah I would, who wouldn't? And they will continue to make classic characters because they DO listen to us. That's the reason why Peter Pan is happening. But the point of Disney Infinity is exactly what UncannyX-Men16 said, a game to represent new films so that they don't have to keep making the cheap "Enter Disney Movie Here: The Video Game"s all the time, and so that these characters can all come together and have fun in one place. We're always thinking about what WE want for the game and what we want only, but the main audience here are the children. When they come back from seeing The Good Dinosaur or Zootopia or Alice: Through the Looking Glass, they're going to want to have these characters to play as in the game. They are what is foremost in their minds at this time. Snow White? Mary Poppins? Ichabod and Mr. Toad? Not so much. Now I love all those movies I just mentioned, but unless they get reboots that get figures in the game someday, or fans REALLY push for them specifically, or it's an Artist Pick, we've got to accept that these sort of characters will most likely not enter the Infinity universe. I've come to accept that from the beginning and am pleasantly surprised when characters like these do happen, but we have to realize what this game is about and what their focus is: the latest Disney projects. There have been characters for this game that I have never seen the movie of or dislike the source that it's from, but I still appreciate their designs and gameplay abilities all the same (For example, I've never seen nor do I plan to see Tim Burton's creepy-ized Alice in Wonderland films, but their Infinity characters look very faithful to the source material and look great in the Disney Infinity style, and judging by the Time boss in the Toy Box, he's going to be awesome to play as. To be honest, I'm just glad that Alice in Wonderland is in the game at all now).

ANYWAY, there's what I have to say, kind of pointless since it's pretty similar to what UncannyX-Men6 said, and as I type this last sentence I just noticed this discussion ended almost a month ago :lol:
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Re: The State of the Forums and my Opinion

Postby hotrod74 » Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:10 am

That was very well said bravo I got the games because I love marvel and star wars and anything Disney and lets be fair the games are family entertainment and my kids love all the figures no matter what they look like I'm 42 and love playing and creating and remember people Disney is moving with the times and no doubt you will eventually be able to get a power disc for the classic versions so stop whining about what should have been and enjoy this golden game we have
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Re: The State of the Forums and my Opinion

Postby rogpalmeruk » Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:10 pm

The problem is, Disney could announce 100 figures tomorrow... someone will want a figure not on the list. you can't keep everyone happy in anything, its impossible.... there is a large audience of disney fans who want classic character and playsets etc, but this game was never about that... it was about stopping bad movie tie in video games (now that's tied more to mobile games like the new Mowgli's Run etc... I never understand the "but i don't want X from the latest movie, I want X from past movie", when that movie is out, people want that new content.... people moan on the internet, look at Rogue One this week
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