Broader Disney Topic Area

Broader Disney Topic Area

Postby gamecocksc17 » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:56 pm

So since this is a disney game and their are bound to be quite a few disney freaks that show up on the boards (I hope). Maybe an area where some Disney topics can be discussed would be cool.

Some types of topics
Disney movies and cartoons
Disney parks (this one could have lots of subtopics i.e WDW, DLR, Vinylmation, Pin trading, dining, trip tips, misc)
Disney Video Games - other than Disney infinity
Other Disney collectibles and personal disney collections (then again vinylmation and pin trading might need to be here)
Disney type podcasts and other great fanboy sites (WDW Fanboys and anyone??)

....and then again maybe I am the only disney diehard that cares about disney games, parks, collections, and music on here

I know this site is very much in its infancy, and these topics may not be necessary or warranted right now, however,
I guess I'm just hoping these message boards can turn into another great Disney fansite that is focused around Disney Infinity.

Those are my two cents
Let me know what you think
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Re: Broader Disney Topic Area

Postby Sheriff Woody » Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:19 pm

here you go

please feel free to start some topics and invite some of your friends
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