Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everything

Re: Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everythi

Postby Guinydyl » Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:22 am

Is it just me, or does Marvel Battlegrounds look like it's based in the toy box?
3.0 is awesome!!
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Re: Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everythi

Postby xboxfanuk » Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:38 am

I never played Kingdom Hearts so no sorrows at the ultimate unlock or the power disc. Honestly D23 is for mega Disney fans who pay a subscription and on top of that pay to attend the event. That is why for these exclusives. JV pretty much confirmed there will be more Kingdom Hearts stuff in the future coming to DI.

Now also it was rumoured Disney Cruises will be getting exclusive toy box level and Vehicle. We now know that is true. Again this kinda sucks because it's only going to be available on one ship, the Disney Dream. So here in Europe we won't be getting this stuff.

3.0 has so many massive improvements from 2.0 and so much more awesome stuff to collect that I don't think anyone can complain too much. At the end of the day like with any video game You vote with your wallet. Don't buy the game or do buy it. Let the team know what you think and what characters you want, etc. This is an annual game so always something new to look forward to.
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Re: Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everythi

Postby Hopeless » Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:54 am

Have to admit even after that well I suppose the worst I can say is flawed reveal I'm still interested in DI 3.0 although I won't be picking up all the figures well I'm more likely to pick up the figures I don't have from the earlier editions first of which Crystal Buzz has the lead currently! :oops:

Would have preferred they revealed one or two of the Disney Originals they have planned to release rather than any of those three and frankly the Force Awakens reveal would have been more interesting if they'd included a certain Captain Phasma! :mrgreen:

Not bothered about the exclusive power disc after all they made the costume change for Falcon and the Captain Marvel team up disc an effective exclusive and the Boba exclusive only highlighted this trend.

I will say the fact I'm interested enough to pre-order Sadness from Inside Out is an achievement since I have no plans to watch that movie but I do like the look of that game from what's been shown so far!

Well as long as it remains compatible with the Xbox 360 I'll remain interested, suspect that won't last long and from what I've seen and read here I don't see myself upgrading any further especially if they continue this exclusivity trend.

I rather hope they don't but not going to worry over what they revealed so far just hope it gets better!
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Re: Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everythi

Postby hoodoo » Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:32 pm

For some reason I thought maybe we would get some sort of announcement regarding the digital release. When 2.0 was close to release there were announcements around discounted pricing at launch, physical disc Toy Box redemption form for those who purchased digitally and free 1.0 on Wii U. Since 2.0 was released on XB1 and PS4 as well I figured there might be a bigger digital push.
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Re: Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everythi

Postby rogpalmeruk » Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:49 pm

Doesn't look like they seem to be doing a Digital promotion so far for 3.0's launch...
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Zootopia and Good Dino were at D23, I can ease your concerns

Postby MonkeyDLenny » Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:37 pm

I was attendee at D23 and I saw extensive previews of both Good Dinosaur and Zootopia, allow me to try and ease your concerns. I'm tagging them as spoilers just in case. I originally posted this in the announcement thread but I feel no one saw it.

Spoiler: show
First, with Good Dinosaur: I seriously doubt it's getting a playset with Spot as the only character (Not sure why the dinosaur himself is not a character)

Still, the movie itself is really good from what I saw. It's about said dinosaur (I forget his name ATM) getting separated from his family and finding his way home along with a cave boy, and all the Dino's they meet along the way.

The T-Rexes are a family and they speak with southern accent. There is a pair of Terydactly that act as vultures, A triceratops who acts like a sage, but is terrified of everything, and what seems to be actual feathered raptors.

I have every confidence in the movie, and I say give it a chance

Now for Zoootopia

This movie is definitely worthy of a playset. They went into extreme detail to explain the world and it's pretty in-depth. The city is a massive metropolis that has hundreds of environments and districts to accommodate every kind of animal. For instance there's the "Dune" district that's suited for desert animals, and a very upscale and high class place. Each animal is also to scale to its real world counterpart. Like, there's an ice cream parlor that caters to big animals like elephants and hippos, and the two main characters are TINY compared to it.

I know the first trailer was super vague on the story so here it is: Judy is an optimistic rabbit who aims to be the first rabbit cop, since jobs like that are only given to big animals like Gorillas and Elephants and so on, since she believes that anyone can be anything. She gets put on 'meter-maid' duty until she gets a chance to investigate a missing persons case. Though her only lead is Nick, who is a con-man who scammed her earlier in the movie. Nick is determined to make it as difficult as possible, since he believes 'you are who you are' and that he'll always be a cunning trickster like all foxes.

They take every possible chance for jokes with this premise. One of the scenes they showed as them going to the DMV to get them to run a plate number...and the entire DMV is run by Sloths.

Both movie look fantastic, and I can't wait to see them in Infinity!

Also Spot is REALLY good in the game!
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Re: Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everythi

Postby TheMinion9 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:31 pm

After yesterday, how many character are there left to be revealed in each section (e.g; Disney, Pixar, Marvel & Lucasfilm)? :)
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Re: Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everythi

Postby Angelos-Giorgos » Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:21 pm

Platinum-Guardian: In 2.0 you still needed EVERY Disney/Pixar/Marvel character to unlock the land speeder

GermanBoldItalic: The only FX figures whose lightsabers will glow are Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Luke, Darth Vader and Kanan.

Guinydyl: Basically, the video just showed Hulkbuster and Ultron inside the Toy Box.

TheMinion9: There are still 13 Disney/Pixar, 7 Star Wars and 4 Marvel
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Re: Disney Infinity at D23 expo 2015: one topic for everythi

Postby Elmo STM » Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:23 pm

Yea the ultimate unlock will require all 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 characters if the first games are anything to go by:

The landspeeder didn't unlock unless you had all 1.0 and 2.0 figures (not just marvel)
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