Toy Box Combat Trailer

Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby shhhh » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:35 pm

I love the Robin Hood guards! Neat video.
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Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby SalmonPink » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:44 pm

Yay, I was hoping Vanellope's glitch would be part of her power set!

The combat looks fun and I'm glad you can have so many enemy NPCs at once - this bodes well for the death-maze I plan on building! :twisted:
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Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby SandyClaws » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:46 pm

Great vid. I enjoyed seeing Vanellope's glitch as well. Oh and watching Jack Skellington sword fight was awesome!
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Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby Fix-It Felix » Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:54 pm

Awesome video!
Wont be on the Forums until I get Infinity on the 23rd
Hope you guys enjoy it!
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Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby CueLannoo » Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:00 pm

Give me the glitch!!! I hope they announce WIR and others at the D23 Expo! I loved the video and want these characters even more now!
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Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby Doodley » Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:23 pm

So for NPC bad guys we got the robots from Incredibles, the Rhino Guards from Robin Hood, the Royal Guards from Tangled, and the Castle Guards from Aladdin?
Also based on a pic they uploaded on Facebook, Fear Tech students will also be available as NPCs. I can't wait to see what other kinds will be available!
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Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby SketchFox7 » Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:18 pm


^^ @CueLannoo" I'll be so bummed if Ralph & Vanellope are just figures and we get not WIR playset, I can't wait for D23, the lack of reveals at E3 & SDCC had me worried but D23 now has me very excited!!!
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Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby InfiniteRightEar » Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:47 pm

Not to burst your bubble, but it's been officially confirmed that there won't be a Wreck it Ralph playset in Infinity. The most we'll get are the Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope figures. :(
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Re: Toy Box Combat Trailer

Postby KyletheCartoonist » Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:51 pm

Woo-hoo! Go Mike!
Great to see a highlight on the combat, and nice to see Francesco and Lightning fighting in their own way!
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