Disney Infinity 2.0 at E3 2014: One Topic For Everything

Re: Disney Infinity 2.0 at E3 2014: One Topic For Everything

Postby ToddMc » Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:09 am

A quick head's up on buying the E3 Marvel figures from convention attendees... you need to contact the person you're buying the figures from, and make sure that they wrap the figure in bubblewrap before placing it back into the box for shipping. The Styrofoam block that the round base sits into does not hold the figure securely in the box. During shipping, the figure comes loose and bounces around in the box. This will result in the paint on the figure rubbing off on the inside of the box. It does not matter how well the E3 box is packed, the figure will come loose inside. The extra wrapping around the figure should prevent losing any paint off the figure. I bought two and had the same issue on both of them.

Question... I have read several folks saying that they were told by the Infinity folks manning the E3 booth that the E3 figures will unlock special items in the 2.0 release. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!
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