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The non-future of Disney Mobile gaming

PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:06 am
by Tilarta
I activated my Enchanted Tales app to check if they'd activated another event for me to play when I saw an announcement the game was ending in one month.

Then all these items starting appearing granting lots of free gold, diamonds and XP.
Since this is only done when the game is about to be deactivated (because it doesn't matter anymore!), I assume the signs are not good that the game will still be playable after the end of April! :( :shock: :?
The really sad thing is, the game wasn't complete, it was recreating the story of Frozen and Tangled movies, but it only got 30% of Frozen's plot and 60% of Tangled's plot.

And this has happened before, there was a game called Disney Hidden Worlds which also got cancelled.
Avengers Alliance 1 and 2 were also closed down, in an announcement that cited an executive decision from Disney as the reason.

From my perspective, it looks like Disney Interactive is just making those mindless puzzle games and giving up completely on games that are story based.
If they have no intention of supporting these games longterm, just don't develop them in the first place.
You can't give someone a favorite toy, then take it away again.

I hope this isn't an indication that Moana Island Life will be the next game to be "discontinued".
I enjoy the game, but if it's going to be cancelled in a few months, it means that it was never intended to be a long term prospect.

Given all that has happened with Disney Infinity and the other games mentioned in this post plus the complete absence of any movie tie-in games, my consumer confidence in Disney Interactive is at an all time low.
And unfortunately, I expect it to diminish even further in the future.

Re: The non-future of Disney Mobile gaming

PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:07 am
by Sheriff Woody
i agree with your expectations

Re: The non-future of Disney Mobile gaming

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:30 am
by Sherrif Ben
Disney Magic Kingdom is still going on, as far as i know.
It's a shame that they are cancelling so many mobile/tablet games.

Re: The non-future of Disney Mobile gaming

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:47 am
by Tilarta
I took a look at Disney Magic Kingdoms via an youtube video, but it doesn't look like I'd enjoy it.
As far as I can tell, the park comes premade and you can't build your own themed park.
I like to make choices about where to place things, to come up with a design of my own instead of using a locked uneditable construct.
I'd prefer to choose the franchises I incorporate, like I did with Enchanted Tales, because a Disney property I don't know about would just be non-interesting.
If I am not into a particular franchise, I just skip it and go to the ones I want.

That's why I gave up on Emoji Blitz and deleted it from my iPad, too much generic incorporation.
Like the phrase goes, when you blend in many flavors, you taste none.

Re: The non-future of Disney Mobile gaming

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:47 pm
by rogpalmeruk
The big issue with Disney, is them seem to have thrown lots of titles out there, sometimes too quickly...also they are focused on "Free to Play", rather than making a standalone title that doesn't need constant updating....with F2P, the game needs to keep generating revenue to keep the servers up and running..... i'd rather pay $20 for a switch basic game fully unlocked like emoji blitz etc like Puyo Puyo Tetris or the recent Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign console port, or even pay $5 for a mobile game, but mobile players don't like paying money... mobile games need to keep generating money, (i also think moana island life is endangered)... even nintendo's own Mario game didn't go down well, had mario run been out on the switch for $10, i'm sure it would have sold as many copies as Zelda...

outsourcing games hopefully will increase quality, but mobile games often don't make money, its just the few big ones that bring in huge money... mobile games should be treated like a little snack, you spend a little time or money, have a little fun and its gone... it's not an investment, its not a long term gaming experience....