Disney Legacy Colelction

Disney Legacy Colelction

Postby Mason_Ireton » Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:06 pm

This is a box set compilation album series produced and released by Walt Disney Records. The album series marks twelve distinct anniversaries of 11 Disney films and the forthcoming 60th anniversary of Disneyland. Each individual title features original artwork and illustrations by Walt Disney Animation Studios visual development artist, Lorelay Bové.

Here's the official list/site for the legacy

Lady/Tramp (60th) April 28 2015 exclusive through Intrada

DisneyLand (60th] May 6 2015 (In Park/Disney Store.com) and public release is Aug 18 2015

Cinderella (65th) June 23 2015

Toy Story (20th) July 7 2015

Pocahontas (20th) July 21 2015

AristoCats (45th) Aug 11 (D23 Expo) and public release is Aug 18 2015

So far I'm impressed with the legacy releases of Pinocchio Sleeping Beauty Mary Poppins and Fantastia

The restorations are fairly top notch, yet still a good purchase for those who missed the 90s release of the classics

Hopefully they'll continue the legacy collection for 2016, would love to see Aladdin Peter Pan Snow White and Beauty/Beast

Source: Disney Music Emporium
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