Sidekick Loot in Chests

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Sidekick Loot in Chests

Postby PandaAlsatian » Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:51 am

Hey everyone! I was tinkering around with some logic and gameplay ideas, and I came across some items in the Loot Chest creativitoy that seem to be copies of the sidekick items found throughout Toy Box Takeover and some levels of the toy box hub, like the weapons, farming hats, decorating wands, etc, for sidekicks. I tried spawning such items from the loot chest, but they appear as blank red capsules, and when opened, appear to do nothing. Am I missing something? How would those appear to others playing the toy box? Would I be able to gift a sidekick item I unlocked to someone else who didn't have it? What are the various effects, if any, of this logic connection and toy box playing? Just wondering what's all possible with this. :) Thanks in advance to anyone who knows anything about it.
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