The Force Awakens Cache Grab Mission glitch

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The Force Awakens Cache Grab Mission glitch

Postby JCKane » Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:59 am

Ok, so I've run across some kind of glitch on the Wii U version of the above mission. The problem is that i start the mission, go to where the guide says the chest is, open it, collect the capsul inside then nothing happens.

The guide doesn't show of any other places to go, and the mission keeps going. So is there another chest and the guide not showing where it is, or is something causing the mission not to complete. Oh, and I'm replaying the mission, been to long since I've played it I don't know where it's at. And its the last mission I need to 3-star so any help wouldd be nice.

Oh and it's not the first time I've had a similar glitch, as the 'Distressing call' mission did something similar. Started the mission, the guide lead me to the ship, but didn't show me where to go next... even landed on the moon you were suppossed to while searching for where to go while the mission was active but the fight never triggered. But the glitch randomly stopped one day so, I dunno.

EDIT: Not sure why I said PS4... but the Wii U version.
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