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How do you incorporate 'Reviving' in a game?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:19 am
by JCKane
Ok, so I've been working on making a few games for my Disney Infinity PS4 edition (mainly to play with my nephew). The current game I'm working on is pretty simple. You get a hoard of bad guys and you get points for each bad guy you defeat you keep going until all players are defeated. The game is Single player or Co-op 2 players (not like it could be more anyways). And right now I have everything fixed except one problem. See, I want to make it that the game will end when both players are defeated... but if a player is revived, then again both players must still be defeated (and not just the player who hasn't died yet). Is there some way to incorporate this into the game? Because I can set it where a player has to be revived to continue... But that's about it.

I thought the way to do it would be to set up a counter and if one player dies, it increases it by 1. Thus when the counter hits 2, game over. But if either player is revived, it will decrease the counter by 1... thus making it have to have both players down. But I don't know how to make that work... because I can't find a tool that will trigger if a player is revived.

So does anyone have any ideas? I just hope the forums aren't dead. Would really suck tbh.

Re: How do you incorporate 'Reviving' in a game?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:49 am
by JCKane
I guess I had another question. Because I noticed in the game, a player can just chose the 'return to check point'. Is there a way to remove that option? Because it kind of negates the purpose of needing to 'revive' the character. or is it just like that because it's in toy box mode and not 'toy box game' mode?

Re: How do you incorporate 'Reviving' in a game?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:07 pm
by Mkruzer
As you have noticed, some toys just don't work the way they "should." There's no way to not have the checkpoint return option on defeat (although, in the iOS version and presumably the pc and android versions, the defeat manager actually does force you to choose a new character, but it doesn't work that way on the consoles). Likewise, I don't see any way to send a logic signal on character revival either, so that doesn't seem to be an option. After doing some experimentation, I see 2 possible workarounds neither of which are as elegant as your original idea. First, you could use the action enforcer triggered by the victory tracker. Unfortunately, the options for the action enforcer don't seem too appealing for this type of game. There's no sleep or lie down option, but maybe you could use something that's there. The other option that you could try is to send the defeated player to a "penalty box" using the checkpoint for some amount of time or maybe until the other player pushes a button, or a sequence of color changing pads, or something like that to bring them back. You could set up a logic gate to close when one player gets sent to the penalty box and opened when they get out. Then if the other player was defeated while the logic gate is closed, it would end the game.

Re: How do you incorporate 'Reviving' in a game?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:56 am
by JCKane
Actually, as I waited for the reply I came up with the workaround myself... aka the 'penalty box' thing. :P.

It needs a few tweaking... because there's a few problems with it. For starters, the 'press button' is active at the start of the game for some reason. Plus (as I'm using that Tower fort toy from the uh... "Set Pieces" list *if that's the right name) I need to tweek the 'field' area as I have the 'penalty box' set for inside the tower gate thing. Just How it's set up, if the player stops at just the right time, he can be trapped in there. Oh and the fact the bad guys can still hit him if he's close enough to the door. :P.

However,I still have 2 other problems, both of them have to do with keeping track of the enemies.

The first problem is that I'm using a 'counter' toy to keep track of the progress. The problem is, that I want the counter to stay 'showing' after the battle game over is achieved or at the VERY least have it display long enough for the player to see what they got. Problem is, yeah I don't know how to get the counter to display itself again outside of adding and subtracting a count during the 'end game' part. Problem is, you see it briefly during the 'victory' thing where the DI logo appears and spins... but it makes it hard to see the count. I would use a score board, but it seems only to be able to go to a set number... and the goal of the game is to defeat as many as you can without dying. Is there a way to shift the count into the 'score display' or something on the game starting thing? Or just to display it longer?

The other problem I have is that originally, I wanted to give different points for different bad guys. As of right now, I'm mainly using the Zurgbots and I'm using all 6 versions of them (aka 2 smalls, 2 mins, and 2 larges). Now, I originally had it set that the 'victory manager' will add a point for every bad guy killed. Then the individual Wave generators would give any additional points for the size. (As in, Smalls were worth 1 point thus no extra point. Mid was worth 2 points thus 1 extra point. And large was worth 3 points thus 2 extra points.). But I had a problem as I had the 'game marker' toy thing (I forget it's exact name but it's the one that you use to create a 'game') to defeat the waves of enemies when the game ended as well as turn off their loops so that a player could replay the game without having to restart the whole Toybox game. The problem is, it caused every one of those enemies defeated at the end of the game to 'clear the field' to be added towards the defeat total.

Now I did come up with a work around using a gate. Simply had the Game turn it on during normal game time and then turn it off before clearing the field. Problem is, it only worked for the 'single point'. meaning all of the 'extra points' for mid and large were counted. I can only guess it has to do with the 'timing' or what not. But outside a delayer, is there any other way to get it to work properly?

Also, I'm still a bit new to the toy.. But I did have to turn the game from 1 toy box where two can play fine or just 1... to 2 toy box games. One for single player (and the added challenge if you want to play 2 player but if one player dies it's game over, no matter who it is.) and one strictly for 2 player. I say it like that because the penalty box idea... well the way I have it set up, is that if a single player tries to play it... well he dies, he gets sent to the 'penalty box' is simply trapped there... Unless he let's the enemies take him out through the door. (which may take awhile depending on the difficulty :P ). I mention this because I know there's a 'active player' thing with one of the creative-toys. I think it was the 'player checker' or something? I forgot. Either way, I tried to google what it did and yeah, no luck. So would I be able to use that to see if there's 1 player playing versus 2?

Oh, and one last thing. Is there a place where I can find out how all the toy box toys work? Because the only one I found lists just DI 1.0 and 2.0.

Re: How do you incorporate 'Reviving' in a game?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:15 pm
by Mkruzer
I'm glad you figured out the penalty box work around. I also love that tower fort set piece, I've always wanted to use it but have never had the right idea for a Toybox where it would fit.

You mentioned a problem with the enemies attacking the player in the penalty box. I'm not sure how you constructed it, but have you tried surrounding it with the scalable barrier? It makes an invisible box that should keep the enemies out and it can be sized to fit.

I would use the scoreboard to keep track of the points. You can connect it directly to your challenge maker to keep track of the score and set it to show score results when the game ends. The scoreboard defaults to 3 points but you can go into its properties and set it to a really high number like 9999 and then you won't have a problem. Set the challenge maker to reset everything (timers, enemy wave generators, scoreboard, logic gates ) either on results dismissed or challenge accepted to fix your scoring issues and reset everything to play again.

There is a player counter toy that you can set up to close a logic gate that could turn off the penalty box if you only have 1 player.

Search this forum for explanations of the creativ-i-toys. Semerien and some others posted details on some (most?) of them a while back. Also search for Semerien's YouTube tutorials to learn a lot. He is a master of Toybox logic.

This is a really cool idea you have for a Toybox. I'll have to try to build one like it for myself. It's also a great way to learn how the toys work. It's one thing to read about them or watch a tutorial, but it's a whole different learning experience to actually build something yourself from the ground up.

Re: How do you incorporate 'Reviving' in a game?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:48 am
by JCKane
Glad you like the idea :P I'm actually redesigning it because my original version was on my Wii U and since my Wii U gamepad's broken AND with the severs down I can't just transfer it. Plus, the game was originally single player.

Now, as for the scalable barrier, no it won't work. The idea is that when defeated the player is sent to inside the tower (a 'death' counter is added 1 and the trigger to 'revive' the character is turned on). When the other player climbs to the top of the tower and hits the trigger button, it not only resets the death counter, but it opens the door to the tower allowing the player to walk out. Once they do, the door shuts. (which was where my earlier statement was about how if the player stops at just the right time the door will shut and they'll be trapped in the place... but I should be able to adjust the 'trigger area' field to fix that because I've had it working fine before.)

As for the enemy tracker, I can work with that.. though may make it more like 10000 or something so if (by some way) the player hits the mark I can have it just reset or maybe even start up the 2nd players score or something... either way so they'll be like "Ok, I reached the maximum and after the reset I got 524, thus I should have now 1524 total." Maybe even set it up where say Player 1's score keeps track of the current irrtierationf while Player 2's score is set to how many times you're 'looped' or something like that.

As for the other thing. See, that's how I used to have it set up... with this Capture the flag game I made' but since the 'score' didn't do my needs I had to do everything in the 'game ended' screen.

Oh speaking of that... It's for another game(s) but how can I make it in a game where one player is VS another but at the end of the game only the player that won gives it's victory pose and not the one that lost?

As for the Player counter, yeah I seen it which is why I was asking about it. Wasn't 100% sure if that's what it did, not to mention I wasn't sure if it say, only worked via online.

And where at are they posted on here? Various reply to questions in this section or somewhere else?

Re: How do you incorporate 'Reviving' in a game?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:28 pm
by Mkruzer
Oh, I see why the scalable barrier won't work there. You could try hooking up a weathervane to a trigger area next to the door. Set the trigger area to activate only when entered by enemies. Then have it turn on the weathervane to blow them away from the door. Have the weathervane turn off when they exit the trigger area. Make sure you set the weathervane properties to only affect enemies. EDIT: Also, set the weathervane to affect triggering actor, or it will blow all enemies.

As for the victory pose, I know what you mean, all players celebrate, even the losers. I think the only way to avoid that is to set up your game without the challenge maker. It's possible, the challenge maker is just more convenient since it incorporates many handy logic connections and features. When you set up the game logic, whatever triggers the end of your game, have it trigger the action enforcer. You can do celebrate for the victor and lament for the loser. Without the challenge maker the logic is more complicated, but it is possible. There are also the podiums. I'm not sure if they might have some logic to automatically control the celebration or lamentation, but you could try connecting them and see.

There is a search bar up in the upper right of the forum page. Enter the name of a creativ-I-toy and it will bring up a list of all posts with it.