Character suggestions!

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Character suggestions!

Postby pleakley » Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:46 pm

So I'm relatively new to Disney infinity (had for around a year) and I have acquired the avengers and Spiderman player and own:
Cap America
Black widow
Jack skellington

And aim to buy either Donald or stitch next.

But what other character do you think I should own?
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Re: Character suggestions!

Postby braiko » Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:12 am

I would suggest getting characters that have unique attacks or abilities so that you have good variety of gameplay. My recommendations:

1. Groot
Unique and interesting ultimate which grows extra bark as shielding that you can regrow. Strong melee attacks, unique underground ranged attack (think Sunken Colony from Starcraft if you have played that).
2. Hulk
Just feels different to play because of his size and the affect that has in game. Massive super jump. Different type of wall crawling to Spidey.
3. Venom
Similar reasons to Hulk above, except has web slinging instead of the big jump. AFAIK has the most passive abilities of any character so great for finding bonus boxes.
4. Stitch
Strong rapid fire ranged attack (think Trigger Happy from Skylanders if you have played that). Unique ability to roll in a ball and travel quickly while also being able to bowl into enemies.
5. Baymax
Flies, heals allies, has a ridiculous bouncing ranged attack.
6. Hiro
Probably the coolest visual effects of any melee combo attack in the game.
7. Star-Lord
Mainly because of his ultimate, which lets you place gun-turrets (and you can place multiple at a time if you have enough purple sparks), so you can play with a hit and run sort of playstyle (also good for tower defence!).
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Re: Character suggestions!

Postby pleakley » Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:02 am

Thanks thats really helpful hiro and stitch might be next i think
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