Farm Construction Specifications

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Farm Construction Specifications

Postby Tilarta » Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:10 am

Since I accidentally bugged the Hub Farm and it is no longer functional, I want to know what rules I have to follow when creating a toy box farm.

The bug prevents me from harvesting the plants because I had a lot of sidekicks planting too many.
What is the maximum allowable amount of plants that can be grown to full size/plots that can be placed without causing this bug?

Are there any other problems I need to be aware of that can cause bugs?
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Re: Farm Construction Specifications

Postby Mickey&Maleficent » Sun Sep 13, 2015 5:21 pm

In my farm after about 24 full grown plots it stopped giving me food. It depends on what else you have in the world. I had a barn and silo and a couple other things.
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Re: Farm Construction Specifications

Postby Goofyboy » Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:32 pm

I'm on XBOX One and I have a farm with 20 (5* 2x2) fully grown plots, no issue. In there, I also have a few buildings, a river, a waterfall, trees all over the place... Keep an eye on the meter and don't go over 3/4. It should give more than enough memory to be able to harvest correctly after.
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