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Star Wars Battlefront type game

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:27 am
by JCKane
So yeah, i was thinking of making a toybox game similar to the Survival mode in Star Wars Battlefront.

So basically it'll have 15 waves, drop pods, but i'll replace the middle card charge bolt things with Purple capsules and the heart icon with green capsules thus only 1 life.

Just I've run into a few problems in the planning process. First, I wanted to make a central hub where you can choose the various missions and the difficulty and do like an achievement thing like on Battlefront. Just, not sure how to send data from one toybox to another or continue a 'mission/quest' to a different toybox world.

Second is while i wasn't probably going to try a reproduce all the Trooper types in Battlefront, but just use the ones from infinity, however i did want to use the probes, at-st, and possibly tie-fighters, but i don't know if there is a way to make the at-st a villian in the toybox. and if not, i wanted to replace it with something else... so any ideas?

Re: Star Wars Battlefront type game

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:37 pm
by Mkruzer
It's good to see someone still building in the toybox.

The toy you are looking for to communicate between your hub and the other toyboxes is the satellite receiver. Here are a couple of links to good YouTube tutorials:

Unfortunately in the toybox you can't use the AT-ST as an enemy, only a vehicle. And Tie fighters can only be used as enemies if you spawn them from a Star Destroyer. There is a AT-AT set piece, that is stationary, but I have wondered if it might be possible to put some turrets connected to a path inside of it to make it shoot (or at least create the illusion). Or alternately, I have seen some toyboxes where they built an AT-AT out of blocks.

I have been planning to make a Rogue Squadron toybox along the same lines as what you are thinking for Battlefront with a central hub and separate mission toyboxes. They would make good complements to each other.

Re: Star Wars Battlefront type game

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:03 am
by JCKane
Yeah, though the AT-AT wasn't in battle to survival mode which is what mine's based on.... though you think I should try to replace it with an AT-AT? But is there even a way to spawn set pieces or turrets?

Or should I just use some other giant robot? Like the Droid thing with the shield?

Also, thanks for the starlight thing, hope I can figure it out cuz I thought of an idea for like a Rebels vs Empire idea but it'd need to connect multiple toyboxes.

Though wait? In multi-player mode like that, do ALL players change world's if 1 does?

Re: Star Wars Battlefront type game

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:17 am
by Mkruzer
Well, you can't spawn the at-at. But you might be able to "spawn" it using either the replayer or connect it to a path and keep it hidden, say underground, until you want it to appear. So it might be better to just use something else.

If 1 player tries to go through a toybox door, then the others will receive an invitation to change the level.

Re: Star Wars Battlefront type game

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:27 am
by JCKane
So that means a player can't go to another Toybox without bringing the others?

Also, i think I decided on using the B2 battle droid thing in replace of the at-st

Though, I checked the tie fighter spawner... can you not shoot them down outside a flying vehicle or turrent?

Edit: Also been working on it, but Is there a way to force a character to only use a particular toy or pack? As in make it impossible to take off the weapon during the course of the game? Cuz I wanted to do it like that. Basically set up ceertain 'sets' the player can use, but allow the player to unlock using the characters main abilities.

Also is there a way to set it where you can only use a weapon for a set time? Cuz for the drop pod, i'm setting it where you can pick up a different weapon but use it for a limited time.... I have it set for a timelimit but is there a way for say only use a bomb once before it's gone, or a gun so many times before it's gone too?