PC software sales as easy as Pi

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PC software sales as easy as Pi

Postby goofyspaceranger » Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:05 pm

It is a little disheartening that the fox didn't make it to Infinity on the PC (nor Battlegrounds, etc.). No software development/service is free (even porting), but changing strategies mid-stream seems to indicate a serious issue.

Infinity for the PC Gamer has always been a little confusing to me. With the enormous processing power and increasingly immersive home entertainment options of the PS4 & the Xbox One, combined with the commoditizing of the PC/laptop, who is the PC Gamer? He or she seems to be the sort of individual that invests outside the mainstream for an even better gaming experience. The PC Gamer is willing to pay more for the customized build of the machine to have the best. Yet Infinity on the PC does not include the figures nor the physical power discs. And for that reason, costs less. From the very beginning it seems like a "bargain" option of the franchise, which does not match up with who the PC Gamer is.

If the Disney Infinity Team is reconsidering the fate of the PC regardless, consider this:
http://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/obamas-4-billion-computer-science-for-all-program-to-include-gaming-799778 and this: http://k12cs.org/ and this: https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2016/01/30/computer-science-all

Disney Infinity on the PC needs to shift to low-end PCs, not the high-end ones. It's a bargain version of the franchise and the supported hardware config needs to reflect that. Get 3.0 to run on integrated graphics like it did on 2.0. Get 3.0 to run on the Raspberry Pi 3. Happy PI Day btw 8-). That's where the opportunity is. That's where you feed the sustainability of the Toy Box by introducing it into schools, libraries, the community at large (and on the flip-side, with this U.S.-wide momentum, Minecraft is likely to otherwise erode a portion of Infinity's business on mobile & consoles). And serving a greater purpose might not be a top priority when a portion of your market is failing, but one really can bring the other regardless.

On a side-note, PC character bundle pricing is confusing. Investing on behalf of schools & libraries, I run the numbers over & over. If you want to encourage purchasing more characters for better price, what about simply having buy 2, get 1 free, across the board? Power disc bundles are much improved - what if they were consistently $3? Much easier for budgeting. Transition the PC version to be like the mobile one - a Toy Box where you can simply purchase the toys associated with a Play Set - there's no time for Play Set quests in a structured environment, but the unlockables are great additional options for creativity & problem-solving through video game storytelling.

We've piloted hour-of-code events, a seasonal library program, an after-school design club, and we're about to pilot college Hackathons. We're also looking into summer tech camps. Infinity fits them all, because the interface is simple & robust enough for all of it. Make it easier for educators to utilize the educational benefits - it will help you sell the console versions anyway.
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