Toy Box Board Game #1: "Toy Box Explorers"

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Toy Box Board Game #1: "Toy Box Explorers"

Postby goofyspaceranger » Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:02 pm

In this Toy Box board game, each player has a group of Infinity characters, and the object of the game is to be the first group to visit all types of Terrain on the board. For a standard 19-tile hexagon, a 2- or 3- player game would work well with groups of 3 characters each (e.g. 3 Pirates vs. 3 Monsters, 3 Wonderland characters vs. 3 Frozen characters, etc.). A 4- or 5-player game would work well with pairs (e.g. Aladdin & Jasmine, Ralph & Vanellope, Sam & Quorra, Dory & Nemo, etc.). Combining multiple game kits into larger game boards would enable larger groups, more players, or longer games.

Initially there are no characters on the board. Each turn, the player chooses to spawn one of their characters onto it, or move one of the characters that's already on it. To spawn a character, the player rolls a die to determine which numbered Locator tile is the destination. In the case of multiple kits with more than one set of Locator tiles, the player choose the Locator color before the die roll. If that numbered tile is already occupied by another character (from any team), spawning does not typically occur, with one exception: if ALL the Locators of the chosen color are already occupied by other characters, the player can spawn the new character on any open space on the board. After a spawning attempt is made, whether or not it is successful, the player's turn is over.

Movement is typically random (see the base post on game mechanics). Options for wrap-around tile movement, Spark Mode, Teleporters, adjustments from Mounts/Vehicles & Sidekicks all apply. Blocking by the Gated Terrain without a Key and by characters on the same team apply, as does the "hopping" option for a movement greater than 1. Combat stats are not used in this game; there are no Missiles or Special attacks. Melee ratings are not used; when a character moves onto an opposing character's space, that opposing character is automatically defeated and the figure is removed from the board. The advantage of having more than one character on the board is that the player can choose which character takes the random direction AFTER the die roll.

Terrain Tracking
There are 5 copies of each Terrain style in each kit, accommodating up to a 5-player game. A Terrain card is collected by the player and shown face up when a character first visits it (the same player does NOT collect a second instance of the same theme on a subsequent visit). Multiple players can therefore simultaneously have credit for having visited a particular Terrain. In the single-kit version of the game, there are two tile instances of each Terrain type; the player need only have a character visit each Terrain type once. The brand-logo tile does not count as a Terrain visit and the logo cards are not used. Spawning onto a Locator tile DOES count as a visit. Note that Terrain cards are NOT discarded when a character is defeated.

Gear, Rides, & Friends
The Tools/Packs Generator, Mounts/Vehicles Summoner, and Friend Generator tiles all generate the respective cards when landed upon. Unlike the Terrain cards, they are character-specific. Any given character can have up to 1 of each. The cards are placed near the corresponding Character card to help keep track of them. In this game there are no extra bonuses when these cards match a character's theme. If a character is defeated, all of these cards are discarded. If any of the decks are depleted, the discarded cards are reshuffled with whatever cards not currently held by characters. Gear ensures a character's victory over Enemies, Mounts/Vehicles provide a movement of 2 provided there's no Sidekick, and a Sidekick provides 1-time protection from either Enemies or the Kill Switch.

Enemy Generator
The first time a character lands on the Enemy Generator tile, the player draws a card from the Enemies deck. If the player's character has a Tools/Packs card, or if the enemy matches the character's theme (e.g. Omnidroids for Incredibles, Fear Tech for Monsters, etc.), the enemy is defeated. Otherwise, if the character has a Sidekick, the Sidekick is defeated. If the player's character doesn't have Tools/Packs card, doesn't match the enemy's theme, and doesn't have a Sidekick, then the character is defeated. If the enemy is not defeated, the player does NOT receive credit for visiting that Terrain, and that particular Enemy card stays active for that tile. The Enemy card is placed face-up next to the Power Switch indication card. If the enemy is defeated, then a new Enemy card is drawn the next time a character lands on that tile. If all Enemy types have been defeated, the discarded cards are reshuffled to reset the deck.

The Kill Switch & The Gated Terrain
These are Gameplay tiles, like that of the Enemy Generator, that can be difficult. The player does not receive credit for the Terrain when his/her character is defeated by a powered Kill Switch, and the player character cannot land on the Gated Terrain without the Object-Generated Key (not even from Spark mode). But in the standard single-kit, 19-tile board, there is another instance of each Terrain theme, providing another option. Mixing multiple kits together can provide different levels of difficulty.

The Nature of Sparks
In this game, sparks are used the same way regardless of color. Green does not increase a Health Meter, Purple does not provide a special attack, etc. When a spark is collected from a Locator tile resulting from a character stepping on the Trigger, its future use is strictly for the purpose of Spark mode. When a character is defeated, any sparks held are dropped on that tile; if the defeat is due to another character landing on that tile, the new character immediately receives all of the sparks. In this game there is no limit as to how many sparks any given character can hold.

Optional Terrain Bonus
Depending on the characters and game kits used, a fun bonus to the game can be that whenever a character lands on a Terrain that matches their theme, the player gets another turn, as if pushing the Stopwatch. The combination of matching Terrain AND the Stopwatch would not provide two extra turns, but the progression from one to the other could. Terrain bonuses however can disrupt the game balance if some groups don't have Terrain pieces to match, and so it's an optional home rule.

Maximum Exploration Variant
To extend the game time, a 2-player game could require 2 visits to every Terrain (where up to 2 cards of each theme are collected by a player). There's also a game variant of "Maximum Exploration". Instead of the player needing to visit every type of Terrain, the game could progress until the entire Terrain deck is exhausted. It could be any subset of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 instances per Terrain, and once a given type is exhausted, players receive no further credit for it. In this variant, the player could collect any number of instances of the same Terrain them, potentially preventing other players from receiving points there on subsequent visits. When the entire open Terrain deck has been taken, the player who has collected the most Terrain cards wins.
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