Toy Box Board Game #2: "Toy Box Storytellers"

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Toy Box Board Game #2: "Toy Box Storytellers"

Postby goofyspaceranger » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:10 pm

This game is about building Toy Box Character Adventures. The goal is to be the first to become a "Toy Box Master Artist" by acquiring 10 Artistry points (the target number may vary depending on the size of the board, number of Character cards/figures used, etc). Spark tokens are used to help count the accumulated points. There is no Movement or Combat in this game, as the figures are used to denote Character adventures created by the player Toy Box Artists. Character cards matching the figures owned and the Terrain cards are all shuffled together and each player gets 7 cards to start. On each turn the player has the option to draw an additional random card, draw from last discard, steal randomly from another player, or stay with the current hand. Since the backs of the cards differ by type, a steal does effectively include a chosen type - opposing players are not allowed to conceal the backs of the cards, only the faces.

Building Up Each Story
When you have all 3 types of Terrain cards of adjoining board tiles, and you have a character card, you can build a Toy Box Adventure for that character. You discard the 3 Terrain cards and keep the character card face up to track your progress. You place the figure on the intersection of the tiles. You get 1 spark for each 3-Terrain adventure. You get an extra spark for every tile that matches the character's theme. You get an extra spark if there's already an adventure for another character from the same group / Play Set (including groups like Elsa/Anna/Olaf, Mickey/Minnie/Donald, Sam/Quorra, Ralph/Vanellope, etc.) - even if the prior adventure was built by another player. With another matching set of Terrain cards, you can build up an existing Character Adventure to become a Character Challenge (denote this with a power disc underneath the figure) for 1 extra spark (further bonuses do not apply) - this can be done on the same turn (with sufficient cards) or a separate turn, and can only be done by the same player. If you run out of circular Power Discs, it simply means no more challenges can be made. Any Terrain card of a given brand (Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars) can be used for building on the logo tile. Similarly, the "wild" logo cards can be used to build on any Terrain from that brand. Character adventures can also be built on the edges of the board (where only 2 Terrain cards are used), but with no base spark count (only bonuses apply).

Generating More Bonuses
Tools/Packs, Mounts/Vehicles, Enemies, and even Sidekicks can add to the spark of the adventure. When a new adventure is built with a Terrain tile containing a Generator, a random draw is made for the build. Any card matching the character's theme adds +1 (there can be up to +3 if all the Terrains have Generators). With regard to other Gameplay toys, the Trigger, Locators, Power Switch, Kill Switch, & Stopwatch do not affect this particular board game.

Rewriting the Story
Each Disney Infinity character is considered a Hero or a Villain. If the opposing player has the right set of matching Terrain cards, a Hero's adventure can replace a Villain's and vice-versa (a form of "Toy Box Takeover"). The player who originally built that adventure loses all sparks associated with that adventure (including lost grouping bonuses), and the character card is placed on the discard pile. The player rebuilding the adventure calculates sparks based on the new character. For example, player 1 makes an adventure for Wreck-It Ralph with Terrains of Sugar Rush, Wonderland, & Frozen. There had already been a prior adventure built for Vanellope, so that's 1 spark for the build, +1 for matching Terrain, +1 for character grouping = 3 sparks. Player 2 then plays another set of the same Terrain cards for Sugar Rush, Wonderland & Frozen with the Villain Card for Davy Jones. The Davy Jones figure replaces the Ralph figure on the same spot on the board. Assuming there are no other Pirate figures on the board (Heroes or Villains), player 2 receives just 1 spark. But player 1 loses 3. Important note: a character Adventure is vulnerable to a Takeover, but a character Challenge is not - providing an extra benefit to that Toy Box Artist's upgrade.

Restoring Seven Cards
The player can build as many adventures possible on a single turn from the single draw or steal. At the end of each turn, the player can discard any number of cards, but must restore the number back to a total of 7 by random draw. If the available draw pile runs out, the discarded Character & Terrain cards are shuffled and the draw pile reset. If a Generator runs out of its respective cards, it simply stops generating.

Goofy Home Rule
Any player that builds Toy Box adventures/challenges for Tonto, Captain Jack Sparrow, and the Mad Hatter (all 3 being intact, not lost to Takeovers), is required to exclaim, "Toy Box Hat Trick!" and regardless of spark count, wins the game :lol:.
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