Toy Box Board Game #4: "Toy Box Takeover"

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Toy Box Board Game #4: "Toy Box Takeover"

Postby goofyspaceranger » Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:02 pm

This is a board game for the Villains and the goal is to take control of the Toy Box. Takeover points are won by hoarding various toys, defeating Heroes, and seizing control of various Toy Box Terrains. The first player to reach some specified number of 10 Takeover points wins the game.

Game Setup
Separate the Character cards into two decks - one of Villains and the other of Heroes (ideally the subset where with corresponding figures are owned, although Power Discs can be used instead). Each player draws a random Villain card and then draws a random Enemy card as that Villain's minions. A die roll determines the starting Locator tile. If another character is already on the designated tile for starting, the player rolls again until a free Locator spot is determined. Next, a random Hero card is drawn along with a random Sidekick card from the Friend deck. A die roll similarly determines the starting location of this Wandering Hero.

Movement is chosen by each player; it is not random. Wrap-around movement is not allowed, but Spark mode is. Villains are not allowed to attack each other, and can therefore have their movement partially blocked by other Villains (and also by the Gated Terrain without a Key). Teleporters and adjustments from Mounts/Vehicles also apply, as does a "hopping" option for a movement greater than 1. When a Villain lands on an unowned Terrain theme, he/she seizes control of it, and the player takes the corresponding Terrain card, unless the Villain is defeated there by a powered Kill Switch or a battle resulting from a Friend or Enemy Generator (in this game, the Villains cannot get Sidekicks, and only get help from one type of Enemy, so these two generator tiles behave similarly).

Hostile Terrain
All of the Villains' minions are spread throughout the lands of the Toy Box (in this game, they are never truly "defeated"). When a Villain lands on a Terrain that is already owned, regardless of the owning Villain's location on the board, the Villain is directly attacked by the owning Villain's minions as if the Villain had just stepped on an Enemy Generator (and similarly, a combo attack does not apply). Minions who match the owning Villain's theme attack with a +1 rating. Minions who match the Terrain's theme attack with a +1 rating.

The Wandering Hero
At the completion of each round, each wandering Hero takes a turn. If there is an adjacent Villain (including wrap-around movement & Teleporter options), then the Hero moves/attacks there. If there is more than one adjacent Villain, the first priority is to attack a Villain of matching theme, otherwise a die roll is used to decide the defender). If there are no adjacent Villains, the Hero's movement is a random direction (including wrap-around movement, unlike the Villains, but can be blocked by Gated Terrain). The Hero will always attempt a Melee combo (allowing for a counter-attack). Similarly, on a player's turn, the Villain's "move" can be a Melee attack on a wandering Hero, and can choose whether a combo attack is used, opening up to a Hero's counter.

Hero's Defeat
If a Hero is defeated, a new Hero with a new Sidekick is spawned on a random Locator tile at the end of the following round. A Hero can be defeated by randomly moving to a powered Kill Switch and will flip the breaker. A Hero whose Sidekick has been defeated can acquire a new one when randomly landing on a Friend Generator. A Hero landing on an Enemy Generator inadvertently releases minions to the closest Villain without them (using a random die roll in case of a tie). If a Hero is defeated by a Villain, the Hero's card is collected and counts as a Takeover point.

Villain's Defeat
If a Villain is defeated for any reason, he/she lose any remaining sparks to that location, discards 2 Victory point cards of his/her choosing, and on a subsequent turn rolls for a random restart location with a new random minion (re-rolling as need be to get a free tile, and if the wandering Hero & competing Villains cause all 6 Locators to be blocked, the Villain loses a turn waiting to respawn). If defeated by a Hero, the Hero collects any remaining sparks. A wandering Hero with a spark will utilize Spark Mode to reach another Villain.

There is a Victory Point associated with each Terrain, Tools/Packs, Vehicle/Mount, & Enemy card owned. Any such card that matches the Villain's theme provides an extra Victory Point. Upon reaching the target number of Victory Points, that Villain wins the game.

Band of Heroes Variant
A possible game variant is to have multiple wandering Heroes at a time.
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