First Month of the Platform Battlegrounds ;)

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First Month of the Platform Battlegrounds ;)

Postby goofyspaceranger » Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:00 pm

It has been a month since the release of Battlegrounds, and a month since the fate of Disney Infinity on the PC became decidedly undecided :shock:.

Thankfully, connectivity to existing PC accounts has been much more reliable the past couple weeks - we've been able to resume our after-school Toy Box Club at the P-Tech school and we had a great time at the Marist Splash! For the latter, comp sci majors from Marist College were the teachers for middle/high school students to learn some comp sci & have some fun in the Innovation Isles Toy Box. It was a big hit, and as with all other Toy Box Club venues, we had nearly as many girls as boys. The computer society will be planning hackathons with the newly acquired Disney Infinity IDs in the fall. I have heard from a couple different sources about their interest in bringing Disney Infinity to their respective college Splash events, to establish Toy Box Clubs at their schools, as a combination of fun & community service.

We're continuing design work on our Toy Box Club app, providing quick reference information for those holographic Creativi-Toys - really fun. Apparently mobile accessories to console games are "in" - I know it will help our P-Tech club. Hopefully we can have it ready in time for the start of the next school year - we'll see.

I've been recently invited to multiple public speaking engagements to discuss the educational benefits of Disney Infinity & the in-game lab exercises of the Toy Box Tutorials that we've built. In this year with such a focus on comp sci education K-12, with nearly as big a focus on STEM minorities, particularly women in technology, I'm really hoping that there will be a statement of direction from Disney Infinity soon. I'd love to see an educational, toned-down version of Infinity that could run on "standard" laptops or a Pi 3. It might mean that a separate set of tutorial Toy Boxes with a much smaller Toy Box Meter would need to be built (but that's just more personal work for me; that's easily committed). Maybe it would mean less rounding during the rendering process, drop shadowing, etc. I'd be happy with simply a commitment of connectivity & service for the PC to go alongside the expanding consoles (can't really recommend new PC purchases without that). We can move to tablets if necessary, but the build experience of the Xbox controller wired to the laptop is really excellent. Thousands of dollars invested, sitting on thousands of dollars to invest some more - it's a good "problem" to have - along with the gut feeling that the educational side of Infinity is on the verge of scaling enormously - just takes patience. :roll:

Here's where I place myself at disadvantage (again) - if Disney Infinity was much less of a product than it already is, even if it was limited to a single console, I'd still buy it & I'd still recommend it. It simply has that much more value than the other sandboxes on the market. But I hope the PC decision is made soon. Meanwhile, there's more work on the Star Wars themed tutorial Toy Box, more design work on board games, & maybe another goofy musical ;).
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