Toy Box Kingdom Quest - The Board Game

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Toy Box Kingdom Quest - The Board Game

Postby goofyspaceranger » Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:08 pm

Originally posted this as "Princess Power", then realized the game theme & mechanics could work as well for "princes" too. This is a light-hearted collaborative competition quest-style game, either as a 19-tile Disney or Pixar board, or a 37-tile Disney/Pixar mix. These neighboring lands of the Toy Box Kingdom are being threatened by a Disney villain. The villain's scouts are starting to pop out of Enemy Generators, and soon he/she will emerge from the Toy Box Door at the center of the Kingdom (denoted by a Wild-IN tile). In a friendly competition to save their lands, every hero seeks to be the first to enter that Toy Box Door and defeat the villain.

But first there are many quests. Each hero needs his/her special weapon, personal steed, and trusty sidekick. In this game, the Object Generator, Friend Generator, & Vehicle Summoner are all linked to the Power Switch Breaker (the game would work best with both Disney & Pixar gameplay devices, along with the Wild Breaker). Every time a Tool/Pack, Sidekick, Steed/Vehicle is generated, the respective breaker flips. It's up to the heroes to what extent they help each other out. The generated cards are random, and cannot be discarded. They must be traded. Each hero can only have one of each type at a time. At the start of each turn, the hero can trade one card with another. The heroes must also visit every land/Terrain to warn everyone of the threat to the kingdom (the Toy Box Kingdom will presumably aid in defeating the evil minions once the hero has defeated the villain). This is tracked by having 1 Terrain card for each tile used, in a face-up fan/pile, with a face-down "Visited" pile. If "doubles" of Terrain theming are used, a visit to one is sufficient. Landing on a tile with an Enemy Generator draws a random minion to defeat in order to consider the Terrain visited (if the hero loses the battle, the hero loses a health spark and the Terrain must be visited again until some hero is victorious). Movement uses the random direction mechanic, with the +1 modifier once a Mount/Vehicle is acquired (even if that Mount/Vehicle is not a match for the hero to confront the villain). A spark can be acquired from the Trigger/Locator, the Sidekick portal, and defeating a Minion - and used on some subsequent turn to move the hero to any space on the board via spark mode. When the kingdom has been readied and a hero is ready, he/she travels to the center of the board to enter the Toy Box Door for the final battle.

With some creative license, here's the list of matching Tools/Packs, Mounts/Vehicles, & Sidekicks (since they need to match in this game, characters with the same preference can't be part of the same game, but there's still lots of options...)
Rapunzel - Frying Pan, Maximus, Pascal
Mulan - Fireworks, Khan, Mushu
Elsa/Anna - Grappling Hook, Sven, Olaf
Jasmine/Aladdin - Lamp, Carpet, Rajah/Abu
Vanellope/Ralph - Cherry Bomb, Candy Car, Ralph/Vanellope
Merida - Bow, Angus, Wisp
Jessie/Buzz/Woodie - Star Command Blaster, Bullseye, Rex
Quorra/Sam - Identity Disc, Light Cycle, Bit
Alice/Hatter - Pink Flamingo Croquet Mallet, Bandersnatch, Cheshire Cat
Mickey/Minnie/Donald - Infinity Wand, Mickey's car, Chipmunk
Inside Out Emotion - Memory Orb, Bing Bong's Wagon, Bing Bong
Tink/Pan - Sword, Hook's Toy Ship, Lost Boy

There's no guarantee that the hero will succeed on the first try - using the RPG stats (with bonuses from the Tool & Sidekick), if the hero is defeated by the boss, the hero Checkpoints back to his/her respective land/Terrain. Restored to full health the hero may go again, or another hero can follow up and defeat the weakened villain (this Checkpoint process also holds true for any Enemy Generator tiles). It's a collective effort and in the end, it's up to the heroes to band together to defeat the common foe :D.
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