Community Support Server Solution

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Community Support Server Solution

Postby Zmillfarmer » Fri May 20, 2016 7:27 pm

Hi All in our time of uncertainty,
As a worst case possibility do you think we should consider the creation of a Community Supported Server that engages qualified support personnel that could maintain the standards that would satisfy Disney?
With over 8,000 petitioners to save Disney Infinity would we be willing to contribute to a Community Supported Server at let's say $30 per year ( the price of one single figure playset) for an operating budget of $240,000 (the cost of a Virtual Web Server ~$6,000 for 2 years with maintenance from GoDaddy.That would leave funds to engage qualified authorized support personnel that Disney might be comfortable to work with.)?.
Possibly create a Group funding campaign as well.
This idea is just to maintain the current and future sharing of Community Content and Challenges and might be able to maintain the Text Creator to preserve the overall intention that Disney Infinity is a Family oriented platform sandbox and preserve the intellectual and family value of Disney.
Maybe even provide part time or full time engagement of former Avalance experienced imagineers.
The main reason I would like to discuss this is that I am not sure of how long it will take Disney to License out Disney Infinity. I believe we have a dedicated community with entire families engaged in building and playing in the Toy Box together . . . True memory making

Imagination is best if set Free!
Imagination is best if set Free!
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