Potential Liability of the official Disney Infinity site

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Potential Liability of the official Disney Infinity site

Postby goofyspaceranger » Tue May 24, 2016 12:33 pm

Regardless of the potential for a Toy Box reboot, the official Disney Infinity website really confuses me, particularly the area of the PC Shop.

The PC version of Infinity (& perhaps mobile as well?) requires full connectivity for Disney Infinity to run at all. The official announcement came 2 weeks ago from the Walt Disney Company to cancel Infinity. Yet there is no warning on the official website. You might argue that the console games have lots of local play that could continue to function. But presumably whenever the servers go offline, the PC version of the game will not run at all. People could spend hundreds of dollars for the PC version of Infinity tomorrow, and not know that their entire purchase could disappear in about 6 months. Even if/when the reboot occurs from a separately licensed company, that would be a different company, potentially with a different pricing model. A colleague of mine thinks it makes the Walt Disney Company liable. It's just an opinion; we haven't consulted legal counsel, and we don't know associated standards within the gaming industry.

It just seems like a warning on the official website would be a really good idea. :shock:
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