Sharing Toy Boxes - PS4

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Sharing Toy Boxes - PS4

Postby Zmillfarmer » Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:15 pm

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate the Toy Boxes made by this Communities Toy Box Artists both Masters and all Toy Box Makers as well as the Disney Infinity Team and although I have not uploaded any Toy Boxes, I have made, I am inspired and am enjoying the Toy Boxes shared.

But . . . How can we continue sharing Toy Boxes when we cannot upload them to the Disney Infinity Servers now and definitely how can we do this when these Servers shut down?

The issue of what happens to narrative dialogs creation when the Text Creator goes down (if Disney does not give us a patch for our own use) is of concern but I believe we can find a creative solution.

The PS4 has both it's own PS4 Communities as well as Friends Share. I don't know what the other consoles have or what PC users and IOS users have.


1. How can we safely share Toy Boxes, playable and through video sharing while the Disney Severs are up?
2. How can we safely share Toy Boxes, playable and through video sharing when the Disney Severs go down?
3. Can this Forum Moderate or be willing to Moderate Toy Box sharing or is this even possible (don't mean to put anyone on the spot)?
4. Can specific Toy Box sharing through Friend Share or PS4 Communities be created (and for the other Console/PC & IOS users?
5. Can we create an organic network of daisy chaining a way for sharing of Toy Boxes?

I would like to try Pursuit through Berlin by Vasuri83 and the other Toy Boxes created post DI not accepting Toy Boxes. Many sound very cool especially ones that explain and illustrate use Creativi Toys and Toy Box creation Templates.

After reading many posts about the reality that we have to acknowledge that Disney is not going to tell us their plans or at least what they intend for the DI Community I believe we need to start developing a way to continue to create and share Toy Boxes.

Thank you

Imagination is best if set Free!
Imagination is best if set Free!
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