*** A Toy Box Tale: Recapture the Spark! ***

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*** A Toy Box Tale: Recapture the Spark! ***

Postby goofyspaceranger » Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:13 pm

This is a goofy sort of old-school text adventure game. It has no parser, no commands, but it has plenty of requests! Hidden within this little story of Disney Infinity Fan Fiction, is a business model proposal to #SaveDisneyInfinity. The object of the game is see how many of the elements you can find before reading the corresponding glossary of terms that follow. Best wishes.

Introduction to the Toy Box Tale
A toy version of Jiminy Cricket glides down alongside a huge set of bookshelves, casually holding on to his magic umbrella. When he reaches the bottom, he stands before a large, leather-bound book with a deep red "IN" logo on its cover. Jiminy manages to open the book up, and then this iconic Disney figure symbolizing both conscience & hope quietly begins to tell this story...

Dawn of Infinity
At the dawn of Infinity, there were the Caretakers. These supernatural beings oversaw many virtual realities, many spaces, and although enigmatic & mysterious, their primary goal appeared to be the empowerment of the minds & hearts of children. They employed the Architects, brilliant minds of our time, and provided them the raw materials of one such virtual space so that they could form the fundamental constructs of a Toy Box. These toys were organized into various categories such as Terrain, Decorations, & Basic Building Blocks. A special category, the Creativi-Toys, enabled Players to tell their own stories, create their own games. Collectively these toys formed "The Engine", which was fueled by the Sparks of Imagination. The Engine showed great promise for children of all ages, and their Sparks drove it in many paths of exploration. Millions of families enjoyed the space. Fun & Creativity overflowed. Virtual worlds were created. Virtual games were played & Toy Stories were told. The toy characters, given life by the Sparks, eventually took on a will of their own. Every good story has conflict, has its villains, and the Toy Box Villains played their parts well. They schemed repeatedly at Toy Box Takeovers. After failing to overcome the Heroes time & time again using physical & intellectual force, the Villains plotted something far more diabolical - an Emotional Takeover.

The Emotional Toy Box Takeover
Maleficent placed a terrible curse upon the Inside Out emotions, and the most negative aspects of Fear, Disgust, Anger, Sadness, & even apathetic Joy, were unleashed upon all of the Toy Boxes across the Realms. Without realizing the ramifications of what they had done, the Villains threatened the quintessential fabric of Infinity's virtual reality. The paralyzing effects of negative emotions could completely drain the power source of The Engine. The Villains were able to attack the Heroes at their weakest, by separating them. For the Realms of the Toy Box were separated by little kingdoms playfully called, "The Play Sets". The Heroes did not like to share their own toys there, and did not allow other Heroes to enter; only in the neutral, unpredictable Land of the Toy Box would they agree to collaborate & share. From the underlying Grid of the Toy Box, CLU found a back door into these Play Sets, and Ultron helped him reprogram it so that all of the Villains could collectively invade every one of them. Seemingly strengthened by their new minions, the Negativities, the Villains systematically invaded the Play Sets to steal all of their Heroes' Sparks! Only a handful of Heroes managed to escape to the Toy Box in time, and once all of the Play Sets were left empty & barren, the Villains traveled to the Toy Box to overthrow the rest.

Meeting of the Toy Council
Once they returned to the Toy Box, the Negativities began to turn on the Villains as well, and Maleficent realized that the cursed Emotions would not stop until all Sparks were separated from all the Toys of Infinity. The entire framework would soon disassemble & disintegrate into nothingness, a Void. The Play Sets were completely abandoned; the remaining Heroes & Villains alike determined that they were stronger together than apart. A new ruler was established for all of the Realms, a nearly-invisible Hero in his humility - King Mickey. His first act as ruler was to call an emergency meeting of what remained of the Jedi Council in a Coruscant-themed Toy Box. What was left of the Avengers & the Guardians guarded the entrance, bolstered by feelings of Joy, who had an easier time shaking the adverse effects of Maleficent's curse. As the Jedi Masters debated over the best chances to find a new Caretaker, the Royal Jester stumbled into the chamber. Sometimes referred to as Infinity's Bard for his ridiculous singing, he has an odd likeness to Jar Jar Binks. "Gawrsh! I'm sorry, wrong Toy Box Door!" he apologies. "I can't seem to find my own Toy Box!". From this fool, the Masters realize that not only do they need to save the Archives of Toy Box Tales, they need to reorganize them.

The New Caretaker
Another Caretaker is found and enters into this reality to offer assistance. Raw materials are collected from another virtual space. Architects are re-employed there to replicate the framework. Several toys assist in the Mission of Transference, desperately copying the Toy Boxes of one Grid to another before they too are overcome. The Engine is successfully rebuilt. A new Library is architected, better organized, so that thousands of Toy Stories could be more readily found & enjoyed. The space is more open, inviting Players to more readily share their stories. Reminiscent of the Jedi Council guards, Guardian positions are established to keep watch over the most trusted section of the Library, the childrens' section, to provide further protection from the Negativities, and published Tales are allowed new Versions to squash Cy-Bugs that manage to make their way into the builds. King Mickey declares that this new space will become a Renaissance of Toy Box Artistry. Guilds will be established to promote teamwork. The Forums are to become an even greater center for collaboration. The Toy Box Master Artists will be called upon to share their skills & creativity. Renaissance Maker Faires & Tournaments, both virtual & real, will be held throughout the lands. The copy of the old tales is barely completed (although the re-organization is not) when the Origin Grid is destroyed.

Rebooting The Engine
But The Engine does not yet have a power source. The New Caretaker spawns a single toy character, of a boy who never grew up, knowing that the key to unlock everything is a child's Spark. He is The Chosen of the Toy Box Master Artists, the one who flies on Happy Thoughts with a little help from Spark-filled Pixie Dust - The Pan. Each Player of the New Grid is commissioned to Apprenticeship - with the arrival of the Pan and their existing Collection of other toy characters - to help unlock the Lost Toys of Infinity. They are invited to build anew, for the original Architects of The Engine have managed to retain the original Templates of Gaming, and a new set of Puzzle Boxes are presented as a playful set of Blueprints to teach Players how to become Builders. In addition, Avatars of ALL the Toy Box Master Artists are hidden amidst the incomplete Transference, fallen into a cursed sleep from the removal of the Spark. Awaken a Master Artist, and you locate all of their prior Master Works. The New Caretaker officially opens up The Library. The Registrar coordinates the transference of former Players' Avatars and the establishing of new Players'. The New Caretaker invites every Apprentice to rediscover, to rebuild, to expand, the Magic of the Toy Box. Recapture the Spark!

Geri's Game
An old man hunches over a weathered, Wonderland chess board, with Jiminy Cricket perched upon his shoulder. The Infinity Textbook rests by his side. He's been playing this particular game for some time, and oddly enough, sometimes he thinks he's just playing the game by himself ;). All of his pawns remain; he dislikes manipulation, preferring guidance. He's made a lot of mistakes along the way, but he keeps playing for the sheer joy of it, and with purpose. A solitary knight zig-zags near the center of the board, periodically attacking a strange windmill piece. Geri of course does not see it as a windmill. It's a game worth playing.

See the corresponding "Glossary Posts" for the "Toy Box Tale Terms" that describe the corresponding business model. Here's the link to the first one: http://disneyinfinityfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=14461#sthash.0ci8QYVr.dpbs #SaveDisneyInfinity 8-)
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