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For Lack of a Keyblade

PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:33 am
by goofyspaceranger
On the other hand...

The Keyblade is the one toy that is most likely to be missing from the relocated Toy Box. It is the only piece of Intellectual Property that is not owned by the Walt Disney Company. In case Square Enix is not involved in the proposed reboot, much of the storyline still works...

The Villains evoke the worst aspects of the Inside Out Emotions - these new Toy Box enemies could be named "The Negativities" - elemental in nature - flaming lava balls, blue teardrops, green slime, purple spheres that never stop moving, and if Joy is to be part of that mix, trapped golden drops of sunshine to be found & uncovered. The Toy Box could even introduce a new game mechanic - spawned "enemies" that are essentially moving Team Activators that don't drain Health, but rather change your Team designation, vanishing upon contact (with other suggested updates to Team Activators, Team Scoreboards, & the Diffusinator, these could be fun Toy Box games).

Maleficent's Curse could all but succeed in the Toy Box Takeover, with other Villains specializing in certain color-coded negative emotions, such as the Sith with Hate, Maleficent & Green Goblin with Disgust, Ronan with Fear, etc. Boba Fett could hunt down those Heroes more difficult to find & overcome, such as the well-balanced Jedi Masters, or even the glitching Vanellope. Ultron could work against the efforts of Tony Stark & Quorra to retain & transfer the Grid, even when the Negativities turn against the Villains, threatening to destroy the Toy Box. The notion of The Shelves, a new Library of Toy Stories & Toy Games, established by a new space brought into existence by a new Caretaker - the storyline would all fit. They could all play in to a reboot where Community Content has a variety of playlists to help find Toy Box games based on your favorite characters, themes, game genres, character abilities, artists, etc.

For lack of a Keyblade, the perfect Hero to kickstart the Toy Box Reboot is Peter Pan. He was the unrealized Hero of the Origin Space, perhaps the Hero most feared by the Villains' Emotional Takeover Plot. He flies from the combination of pixie dust & Happy Thoughts - he threatens to thwart the Negativies with those Happy Thoughts, restoring the Inside Out Emotions to their balanced selves. For a family-friendly franchise that spans a huge age demographic, he is the boy who never grows up. He is The Chosen of the Toy Box Master Artists. He is the one to lead the recovery of the Lost Toys. With the construction of Library unfinished, he is the best fit to inspire kids to Recapture the Spark. Thinking practically, Peter Pan is also the most likely character most ready to be distributed as a new physical figure, and therefore the best candidate for the reboot disc ;).

Re: For Lack of a Keyblade

PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:23 pm
by bzyboy
This is your fantasy so make Square Enix part of the "proposed" reboot. ;)

Re: For Lack of a Keyblade

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:11 pm
by goofyspaceranger
The difference between a fantasy & a dream is that with the latter, you embrace the vulnerability to dare to believe that it will eventually come true - and we're allowed more than one ;). The Toy Box engine is too amazing to simply vanish, and there are several combinations that would all be viable business models.

It's been fun wrapping a story around the elements of the proposed reboot, and I don't know if those with the means would use any of it - that's completely up to them. The Kingdom Hearts characters are a great fit should Square Enix take over the franchise. But in case they don't, much of the storyline stands on its own with the Disney IP. There is likely to be much less development resource, & a compressed time schedule - it would be more expensive & more complicated to license two companies' IP.

Here are the brutally-efficient-and-practical elements that can all be part of that story -
- Focus on the Toy Box engine because it's (1) community based, (2) mixing all the toys, (3) supporting all game genres
- Restructure the database & menu system to showcase (1), (2), and (3)
- Improve Toy Box load times if at all possible so that playlists can be more fluid, akin to Play Set checkpoints
- Integrate in-game tutorials to explain & invite more builders to that community, supporting a subscription-based model
- Showcasing Toy Box Master Artists in-game & with separate play lists - invite all players to be apprenticed builders
- Distribute more physical toys! They are independent works of art - leverage the "could-have-been" leaks, be wary of 12"
- Market the educational value that the Toy Box clearly has - for the home, and after-school programs - it drives sales
- Incrementally update the Creativi-Toys for less supported game genres (they'll be more evident with that database)
- Make digital purchases consistent across PC & mobile
- Credit the entire Disney Infinity Team for making it possible, while celebrating the reboot that recaptures the imagination

That's a list for the businessman. The Engine, The Shelves of The Library, The Blueprint "Puzzle Boxes", the Architects, the Apprentices, the Sleeping Avatars of the Toy Box Master Artists, the Emotional Toy Box Takeover Plot & the Inside Out Negativities, the New Caretaker & the Mission of Transference to the New Grid - it's just more fun. But it's merely a Toy Box Tale of the very same thing ;).

I'm also inspired by that early animation of Jiminy Cricket - one my favorite characters, symbolizing both a sense of conscience & wishes. It would be great to see him integrated into the reboot story, too. There will need to be a carefully thought-out statement with the transfer of Infinity ownership to the new licenser - Jiminy is the perfect character to represent the spokesman for the Caretaker of the Origin Grid, relinquishing control of the Engine to the New Caretaker in order to save the toys, to empower the children to Recapture the Spark. Fun stuff 8-)