#1 The New Caretaker: Saving the Toy Box

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#1 The New Caretaker: Saving the Toy Box

Postby goofyspaceranger » Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:21 pm

This is the first of a sequence of "Glossary" posts providing a strawman proposal to #SaveDisneyInfinity. It's just personal opinion and not necessarily representative of Infinity's millions of players. While it's a very serious topic, the Toy Box has always been about the fun, imaginative, creative nature of play, and so the major discussion points have been morphed into this goofy glossary of "Toy Box Tale Terms" from the posted backstory, "A Toy Box Tale: Recapture the Spark" (see related post).

The New Caretaker
In the story, the New Caretaker is the new owner of Disney Infinity's Toy Box, some independent video game company that licenses the associated Intellectual Property of the Walt Disney Company in order to reboot the franchise. Disney Infinity has been officially cancelled. There has been no new Toy Box content accepted for several months now. There is a posted schedule for shutdown of the servers. The official website has stopped accepting digital purchases. However with the cancellation, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company recognized the quality of the Disney Infinity product and some would argue opened the door to the possibility for this independent venture. Many have given up hope that this can still happen, and this series may seem overly optimistic. But the product differentiation is still there, the market interest is still there, and some might contend that the official shutdown of servers is precisely the time to kickstart a reboot, assuming a viable business model can be put in place 8-).

For The Love of the Game
Video game companies enjoy making games. That's what they do. Yet this proposal requests that the would-be licenser consider NOT directly making any Disney Infinity games at all :shock: (at least not in the traditional sense). Instead, this is a request for an independent video game company to provide the means for millions of fans to make & play more of their own Toy Box games, to tell their own Toy Box Tales. This proposal is suggesting much more than simply "server storage" - it's about smaller, targeted investments & a revised business model that focuses on the core value of the product. It's about a refined Toy Box tool set, a more open yet more protective model for sharing content, a more distributed set of contests to invite more builders, and a much-improved query system to find those Toy Boxes based on the varied interests of Infinity's millions of players. It's about extending the collection of physical toy figures that can transform into virtual characters without being so financially dependent on them. It's about extending the collection of virtual themes & building pieces associated with those Disney characters. It's about bringing back the magic of the Disney Infinity Toy Box - because any video game company should be able to relate to kids wanting to make their own video games (kids of all ages that is ;)) and with their desire to share those games with the world. 8-)

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