#7 The Apprentices & The Guilds: Games In Making Games

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#7 The Apprentices & The Guilds: Games In Making Games

Postby goofyspaceranger » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:11 pm

Glossary post #7 for "A Toy Box Tale: Recapture the Spark!"

The Toy Box Apprentice & The Guilds
In the story, the Toy Box Apprentice is the player, and a Guild is an organized team of Toy Box Artists. Each player is commissioned to this Toy Box Apprenticeship, playing through the Caretaker's Introduction, discovering the many Shelves of the Library, solving the Puzzle Boxes on Creativi-Toy programming. Players of various levels of talent & skill can form Guilds, participate in the open Forums, follow the works of fellow artisans, present at various Faires and compete in various Tournaments. It's something that the Toy Box Master Artists showed us, that the Toy Box & its Toy Box Door are ideal for collaboration. This is also a growing trend for STEM, to provide problem-solving collaboration projects that students can subsequently demo. Maker Faires are gathering increasing momentum, even getting national attention here in the states. This aspect, for both educational & entertainment/social value to the Toy Box market, makes it beneficial for Guilds to be incorporated into the Disney Infinity game itself. Advanced players can pursue a goal that only a select few will attain - to become a Toy Box Master Artist. In attaining this goal, the player is awarded a great honor from the New Caretaker - the creation of his/her own toy likeness as a Toy Box Townsperson, a Master Artist Avatar, that can be woven into any player's new Toy Box Tales. It's a game-within-a-game that encourages collaboration and the creation of high-quality games.

Guilds of Renown
It has been somewhat problematic for teams of artists to credit one another on a collaborative work. The submission is done by an individual, with info manually added to the description & manually promoted through these forums & on Twitter. A new database for community content could add the social function of teams, of these guilds, and make a game out of it. You'd have the option to submit a Toy Box as an individual, or as part of a team effort. Each Guild can be formed with as little as two players and as many as say twenty-five (this latter number can facilitate the probable max size of an after-school club). One initiates the Guild proposal to a second member, and upon acceptance it's formed. Future members can ask to join or be asked to join. All existing Guild members must accept the proposal for the acceptance. Guilds gain points from their collaborative projects - based on # of Downloads, # of Likes, Tournament wins, etc. A percentage of "build points" from individual Toy Box submissions of every member in the Guild are also added to the pertaining Guild's points. A player would typically join just a single Guild, and there could be some percentage point penalty in leaving to avoid excessive Guild changes. There could be Toy Box block-art heraldry designed by each Guild to help display those Shelves. Guilds could form as a result of clubs formed at libraries or schools, from families & friends in various neighborhoods, or groups of people who meet through social media such as these very Forums. Tournaments & Toy Box TV could feature some competitions only available to Guilds. In addition to Master Artist Avatars, there could be Infinity Flags added with the Heraldry for the "Guilds of Renown" for those Guilds reaching an elite level of quality & production. The Library's Shelving system could include these Guilds of Renown, perhaps even allow players to their favorite Guilds, regardless of their ranking. This would help scale this aspect of the Toy Box that was already a differentiation for the product - friendly competition and sharing of collaborative, artistic, storytelling video game creation. It would make it more fun, and further strengthen the business model.

The Independent Journeymen & The Masters' Missions
Some players might prefer a non-competitive way to collaborate with multiple teams, and that's fine, too. There could be a player-chosen setting of "Independent Journeyman" that would negate Guild bonuses and allow the player to be in multiple Guilds at one time (otherwise players might work the system and join as many Guilds as possible simply to accrue more points). The player could still gain points from individual entries, and each Guild would still earn points from the collaborative projects (and some players might not care about the point system at all) - the depth of the Engine & the Library would allow players to enjoy the game in different ways. In order to foster this family-friendly environment of collaborative building even further, upon achieving the honor of Toy Box Master Artist, the player automatically becomes an Independent Journeyman. The Caretaker encourages every Master Artist to mentor more builders, to collaborate with other Master Artists & young Apprentices alike, joining as many Guilds as they care to join. The negation of Guild bonuses would work both ways - points accrued from individual works of an Independent Journeyman would not feed into the Guilds (otherwise players might work the system to build Guild points primarily on individual works, and miss the point of being assisted by a Master Artist). It's about collaboration in the joyful game of making games.

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