File Naming Conventions on STEAM

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File Naming Conventions on STEAM

Postby goofyspaceranger » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:12 pm

Is anyone interested in researching the exact naming conventions for Toy Box saves in the user0 folder for the PC STEAM version of Infinity?

Our Toy Box Club at our local library is still very popular despite Infinity's cancellation. The IT Lead there found the Reddit article and saved my 3 Toy Box Tutorials with 28 lab exercises on the Creativi-Toys. The library's laptops are "frozen" in that they refresh daily, so local saves are not really an option. Our volunteer team is considering extending our open-source web app to include Toy Box file sharing for the PC.

It's important not to overstate this - we are not modifying Infinity executables - this would strictly be for the PC version of the Toy Box, and our educational-use infrastructure would be limited in database size, number of accounts, number of searches, etc. so it would be very unlikely to centrally serve the larger community - it may need to be exclusive to the library accounts. But our corporate citizenship projects are cleared for open source, meaning that other groups could create their own instance of the web app with whatever service provider they chose. One instance of the current version of the web app is here:

Anybody out there interested in researching the naming conventions of the Toy Box files? It would be useful to know which ones pertain to which types of builds, have a complete list of the possible file names, estimates on minimum & maximum file sizes per Toy Box, etc.
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