Disney Infinity Fans Skype-group 2.0

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Disney Infinity Fans Skype-group 2.0

Postby Finn-Warrior » Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:01 pm

Follow this link to the Skype group

Hey guys!

Now that Skype has updated its group chat properties in a way that'll let people join in via a browser link, I've decided to resurrect the Disney Infinity Fans Skype Group! Following the link above, it'll direct you to first use your Skype-program in your computer. If you wish to use the browser-version of Skype, ignore the Skype-program prompt and continue straight to the browser Skype.

Currently me (Finn-Warrior) and Pirate Steven are moderating said group. Remember, same rules that are in use in this very forum, apply to the Skype-group as well. If you need a forum guide line refresher, click here to read the rules.

However! There's one thing I wish to add: To make sure this group is reserved only for the users of this community, use your forum usernames when joining through the browser-Skype or infor me or Pirate Steven of your forum username/Skype nickname.

Have fun & play nice!
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