Seeking X360 Users for Undertale Fansequel

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Seeking X360 Users for Undertale Fansequel

Postby THiNCRUST OMEGA » Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:56 pm

Hey, guys. I'm currently working on a big ol' Fansequel to Undertale within the ever-inflating boundaries of Disney Infinity featuring the Happy Villain Recruiters from Tokyo Disney Sea's Recent Halloween Event. It is episodic in nature and I intend on finishing up the first episode by Thanksgiving. I already have most of the Episode done, all that's left is to decorate Grillby's where we meet the first boss of the game: Eight foot Joe, a squid turned human by Ursula's magic to serve under the main baddie for this game: Captain Bernie played by General Grievous. I even laid out a proper battle system that's an adequate recreation of the original game's battle system.

To put it in perspective, here's the list of Bosses I have planned for this project.

1-Eight Foot Joe
2-Veil (A Nieve young girl blindly obeying Claude Frollo's words.)
3-Lady Hook (A Living Memory of Wendy's Hesitance to leave Neverland)
4-Poison Apple (Serves the Evil Queen)
5-Captain Bernie
... Oh, and to be fair, I'm actually adding another boss to the final episode... If you know undertale and have been faced with the Genocide Run, you already know what's gonna happen.

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