Looking for Xbox360 friends with toyboxes to share w/us.

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Looking for Xbox360 friends with toyboxes to share w/us.

Postby edoman8 » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:51 pm

Now that Toy boxes are no longer being reviewed by Disney and added to the community toy boxes in Infinity and the servers will be going down in the future, my kids and I would like to find toy box artists to friend us on Xbox 360 so we can keep expanding our DI fun into the future. We have downloaded a bunch of community toy boxes and know there are other people out there that are still creating toy boxes to friend share. I am a father of 5 kids that love to play DI and were saddened by Disney shutting Infinity down. We are still collecting characters and playsets and hope to ride the DI wave as far into the future as possible. We are not toy box artists ourselves but the kids to like to create their own boxes. We do not currently have Xbox Live Gold so we can't multiplay with others (Dad is currently in school with limited income for the next 15 months) but we do have the free Xbox Live and can see and play toy boxes that friends share with us. Our XBL 360 Gamer Tag is edoman8 . Hope to see some new friends with toy boxes to share. BTW, this is my first post.

Thanks all,

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Re: Looking for Xbox360 friends with toyboxes to share w/us.

Postby BionicKoalaBoy » Thu Sep 08, 2016 4:48 pm

Hiya. I'm BionicKoalaBoy on 360 ( father of 4 ;) ) ( Feel free to friend request me. Same to anyone else on the forum )

As a 360 user I've found responses to these kind of requests VERY thin on the ground. I think most people have upgraded to Ps4 and One. Also the cancellation has culled us to some degree too.

I'll happily share anything I have, and will gladly help any other INFINITEERS in their endeavours.

There are also other achievements/feats that can only be completed online to, and any 360 users we can bring together the better. Try to get yourself back on GOLD. ( But I relate to your situation believe me! )
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