Fdanielix's Toyboxes *Updated April 24

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Fdanielix's Toyboxes *Updated April 24

Postby fdanielix » Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:54 am

Here I will post my finished toyboxes and ongoing projects. I hope you enjoy them!
Feel free to review, rate, and suggest! :)

Spidey's Park
Featured 2nd Place (Stunt Course Challenge)

Hey there! This is your friendly neighborhood Spiderman! Come on over and try out my new stunt park free of charge!


Get Dangerous!

Darkwing Duck has mistaken you for a thief! Help him retrieve the stolen money and defeat the evil that roams St. Canard


The Falcon

Explore the everyday life of the hero Falcon! Complete the training sessions and discover Falcon's past.


King Louie: Adventure

King Louie's gold bananas have been stolen! Bring them back for him. Run, jump, and explore this wild jungle!


The Prodigy

Tony Stark is looking for the "New Stark" and Hiro Hamada seems to be it. Help Tony in this action-packed Toybox! (Hiro)


A Royal Mess!

Cinderella is holding a party, but her castle is a mess! You and your clean up crew must help before the guests arrive!


Three Wishes

What will the three wishes be? What awaits in Aladdin's adventure? (Aladdin only)


The Jungle Maze

King Louie is holding a competition where only by working together you will reach the goal! 2-Players only.

https://infinity.disney.com/en-gb/toybo ... 1f81603753

Featured 1st Place (Marvel Villains)

Welcome. If you truly desire to be recruited by HYDRA, then prove it! Complete your first assignment: Take out an Avenger.


Stitch Vacation
Featured 2nd Place (Stitch)

Stitch's Vacation is crazy! Drive in an Anti-Gravity Stunt Park, Go Bowling and have Fun! Single player recommended.


The Hero
Featured 1st Place (Powerdisk)

Cy-bugs are invading planet X! You must use your Calhoun's Blaster to destroy them and become the new Hero!


Baymax's Tests
Featured 4th Place (Big Hero 6)

It's time to test Baymax's new abilities! complete the 3 tests to ensure Baymax is in tip-top shape!


Featured 3rd Place (S.H.I.E.L.D. Challenge)

SHIELD needs you once more to solve the case of the missing Iron Man. Sequel to HYDRA.


Race Of Warriors

Compete in this deadly Asgardian race. Are you brave enough to take the dangerous shortcuts? May the Gods look after you.



Compete in Time-tastic Challenges with your friends! Go Co-op and work together or battle it out in competitive games!


How did I do that?

Anti-Gravity: Vehicles tend to stick to any surface, but there is nothing to hold them vertically or simply up, which is why they stay on the ground. To create Anti Gravity, do the following:

1. Create a large wall or vertical path for the vehicle.

2. Put a Ramp from "Blocks" connected to the wall so that the vehicle's bottom will have contact with the wall if driven through it.

3. Create a trigger area that extends along the wall and reaches only half of the ramp block.

4. Connect the trigger area to a weather vane. You may set the triggering object to your liking, I usually use [Player Entered>Weather Vane>Activate] and [Player Exited>Weather Vane>Deactivate]. The weather vane should be connected to a locator to make the vane blow in the direction of the wall.

5. Go to "Properties" on the weather vane. Change the force your liking. 15 should be enough. Change affected objects to "Vehicles".

That's it. Your own anti-gravity wall! For the ceiling, the same process is applied. Instead of using a ramp block, use a "Balcony" block.
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Re: Fdanielix's Toyboxes

Postby fdanielix » Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:17 am

Updated with How to: Anti Gravity and more!
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