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DarkSpark's Toy Boxes

Postby DarkSpark » Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:37 pm

I hope that my Toy Boxes will pride themselves on a deep, engaging narrative supported by intriguing gameplay. I intend for most to follow a concept similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Disney Kingdoms comic line, where it's a shared universe in which attractions ridden or watched by guests are the basis or result of actual events experienced by the characters themselves, through a "Disney Earth" concept; the Toy Boxes will tend to illustrate these events.

Nightmare Fantasmic
Genre: Combat / Exploration
Story: Based on the epic night time spectacular. Fade into a dream as Mickey finds himself drifting off to sleep before the night's Fantasmic performance. A mysterious voice goads him into venturing through a Nightmarish rendition of Fantasmic that feels all too real... Of course, nothing in a dream can really hurt him, and this *is* just a dream... isn't it?
(Creator Note: The Nightmare Difficulty is the "canon" story, which is a foreshadowing prequel of a much bigger and more ambitious story currently in the works.)
Gameplay Inspiration: Dark Souls by FromSoftware
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