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Qcumber's Toy Boxes

Postby Qcumber » Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:12 pm

My Toy Boxes. I don't know how to upload pictures to the internet from my 3DS (I don't have a camera), but if someone tells me how, I'll upload some.
Most of my
Toy Boxes, if not all, are based on my own storylines.
When DI2 comes out, I'll try and make updated versions.

The Airship
An Airship with multiple sections. You need to complete each challenge to progress.
Near the beginning, there's a waterfall cave that leads to the Airship. However, if you go past the waterfall, there's a cave guarded by spikes. If you manage to get past the spikes, there's a Teleporter that gets you past the first four challenges. You need to press a button on the Airship to access the Teleporter, however. The rails that lead to the Airship are guarded by Turrets that shoot directly forward at you, which you need to jump to dodge. There are other Turrets that shoot at you from the side, knocking you off if you fall. The entrance itself is guarded by some enemies, which try to attack you as you destroy the metal door.
I'm going to try and add a total of 13 challenges, and a boss.

A platformer based on a building from The Incredibles. I placed the building in the center, and built an obstacle course around it that increased in difficulty, and some small areas that game rewards for completing them. It started glitching, so I deleted it.
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