Alice Gameplay Details (VIDEO INCLUDED)

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Alice Gameplay Details (VIDEO INCLUDED)

Postby Infinite Mickey » Sat May 21, 2016 2:19 am

In the wake of the discontinuation of Disney Infinity, I've gotten my hands on an Alice figure. Here are some quickly written details about the character's moveset.

Alice is an absolute joy to play. She seems way more inspired by the cartoon then the live action movie. She can even float! Her melee attack is hitting things with a Flamingo, and her ranged is using a flamingo mallet to hit a hedgehog into enemies. Haven't unlocked her special, but it's basically the opposite of Ant Man. She can grow to an incredible size (think the green goo) and although she has a limited move set, she has great power. She can also turn small (not sure how that works) and is invisible to enemies but does less damage and has a limited move set. Alice has easily the worst super jump I've seen. She has a combo move that has tweedle Dee and Dum charge forward, and her finisher is a Cheshire Cat combo Finisher.

Currently editing as I go along

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