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Re: goofy was planned

Postby Gillbob316 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:51 pm

I did wonder who that was on a Sentinel head.
But don't Sentinels belong to the X-Men franchise?
Therefore, they are offlimits to DI.
I couldn't find any examples of BW fighting a Sentinel, despite doing a few searches. - See more at: posting.php?mode=reply&f=9&t=14403#sthash.wy6Z1548.dpuf

Sentinels are classically X-Men villains, and most assuredly part of Fox's X-Men Movie licensing deal (after all, they were featured prominently in the Days of Future Past movie)

That said, I haven't the foggiest idea if Black Widow has ever squared off against a Sentinel specifically... but Marvel Comics have been around for 50+ years, and the comic book universe has about 100x more crossovers than the cinematic universe (and that's saying something, because the cinematic universe has lots of crossover in its own right)... SO... I'd say there's a fair chance Black Widow has faced a Sentinel. In this case however, it's probably more just artistic license on the part of the artist. He wanted her on a big robot head. In Marvel: Sentinels = Big Robots.

All THAT said... nothing about the comic book X-Men has ever legally been off limits to Disney Infinity. Though I'm sure the top brass probably did tell the team, "Steer clear of X-Men"

Disney CHOOSES not to use the X-Men in other media (such as merchandising & video games), because they don't own the cinematic rights to them. I'm a comic book nerd, who's had this discussion for a dozen toy lines on a dozen forums. Marvel & Disney are 100% capable and within legal rights to use the comic book incarnations of the X-Men for any merchandise they please. The ONLY thing off-limits to them is Fox's movie-specific depictions of the characters. IE. They can use the masked Yellow Wolverine shown in this concept art. They CAN'T use Black Leather jumpsuit Wolverine with Hugh Jackman's likeness.

They choose not to use the X-Men and Fantastic Four (or use them very selectively at best) because they'd rather devote their marketing/merchandising investments to franchises they 100% own the movie rights for, such as Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers. Which is a shame, because X-Men used to be one of their biggest franchises, and still has a huge devoted fanbase. Their continued exposure/presence is suffering due to corporate politics.

SO... it's entirely possible, if the fans kept nagging them long enough and hard enough, that we could have seen Wolverine or Deadpool in Infinity. But we'd have to be vocal about it... and likely not before we got 3 dozen Avengers first.
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Re: goofy was planned

Postby Tilarta » Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:51 pm

I eventually found one comic that sounds like it has Black Widow fighting Sentinels.
I couldn't find any copies of the story to read for myself, but one of the panels I found has Rogue telling Black Widow that a Sentinel fell on her car.

So if I interpret the post correctly, DI only wanted to do the movie versions of the characters?
If those characters weren't in a movie, they didn't care?
Or current animated series, because we get some Ultimate Spiderman too.

Deadpool in DI?
Pity the fourth wall! :lol:
Have mercy!
I can just see it now, Deadpool having a running commentary on toy box building and insisting you build him a cool apartment instead of whatever you are working on.

Avengers were never really my area of interest.
Not counting the characters that were already released, I compiled a list of ones I'd have liked to own/purchase:

War Machine
Moon Knight
Spiderwoman (Julia Carpenter)
White Tiger (Ava Ayala) - is available as an NPC and TeamUp disc I think, but not as a figure in her own right
Luke Cage - also NPC, no figure
Squirrel Girl (a mutant and sometimes X-Men ally)

Given that I am more familiar with X-Men, they'd have gotten more purchases from me if they'd chosen to focus on that franchise instead of Avengers.
Fantastic Four would also be a certainty, as long as they didn't do the most recent movie, that one was too far a departure from canon to be believable.
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